Interview: There Is Enough Discarded Final Fantasy XIII To Make Another Game

Square Enix spent years working on Final Fantasy XIII. The game was shown in prototype form at the E3 gaming expo in 2006, but was not finally released in Japan until December 2009.

According to the game's art director, Isamu Kamikokuryou, a substantial amount of these locations that were already running on actual development hardware ended up on the cutting room floor. How many locations? "More than enough to make another one [game] ", says the art director.

For the sale of the finished product, he says, game volume and the entire work's game balance were taken into account for finished product. Square Enix was forced to make the difficult decision to cut these locations from the game.

Those assets are bound to find their way other Square Enix titles.

FF-Reunion » Blog Archive » FF13:上国科氏「諸般の事情で採用されなかった部分で、もう一本作れる」 [FF-Reunion]


    good they can make a non linear FFXIII

    Square what ever happened to the godliness of Chrono Trigger ?

    I wonder if it's because they didn't want the 360 version to have 6 discs

      Ditto.... in addition to that, making a new game will also get more $$$

    coughcough DLC anyone?

    I love that picture of Who's-Her-Face. Appropriate for EVERY news post (No really, go on and try it Brian!).

    I like how we're all taking stabs at Squeenix for potentially reusing and re-selling content to us and make more money.

    What were the last 12 "Final Fantasy"s? And that's excluding the updated versions of 1-5 and their countless re-releases.

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