Introducing "Vanquish", A New Game From The Creator Of Resident Evil

This is Vanquish, a new game by Shinji Mikami, the creator of the Resident Evil series.

What you see in this clip is all we know about the game. There's an attack on the United States (aliens?), there's real actors in it, and you'll be playing some guy that looks like an albino Master Chief.

There's no word on which platform it's for (though it's shiny enough to assume 360/PS3), nor who's developing it, or who's even publishing it: you'd think it would be Mikami's own company, Platinum Games, but since there's no mention of that, we have no idea.


    no reason to get hyped yet. I have learned not to be excited for games anymore, so as to not be disappointed when i hear that i'll have to wait 3 years/ that it sucks etc

    That looks SICK!!

    Coop Multiplayer? :D looks like theres gonna be some Halo online ownage going on Lol

    Oh my god that video was awesome. Sorry Needs A New Username but Im excited!

    Makes me think Iron Man for so many reasons... suit being attached scene and one man band etc obviously, but the visual style as well...

    According to the novels Master Chief practically WAS albino, ie constantly wearing armor, being hairless to hook up to the suit properly etc.

    If memory serves correct. (No, this does not mean Spartan is the surprise ingredient)

    That suit getting put on bit - geez, copy Iron Man much?

    I'm not that excited for the game considering that RE has never been a favourite of mine, but the concept work on that looks awesome. Great production values on that trailer and he may be another generic superhero but damn that was cool.

    "looks like an albino Master Chief"

    I don't think Master Chief is an original enough design to inspire such statements. As far as futuristic battle-suits go, this one isn't so much like Master Chief to warrant comparison.

    I dont know but I got a bit of a Robotech vibe from the video. Maybe its just because I'm Robotech age??

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