IPhone Jailbreak Pioneer Says He's Hacked The PS3

Me no speakum hackese, but it sounds like the guy who gave us the iPhone jailbreak claims to have finally hacked the PlayStation 3.

Without specifying how (and explaining it to me would be like reading Siddhartha to a dog, in Klingon), George Hotz says he pulled it off after five weeks of work with "very simple hardware cleverly applied, and some not so simple software."

I have read/write access to the entire system memory, and HV level access to the processor. In other words, I have hacked the PS3. The rest is just software. And reversing. I have a lot of reversing ahead of me, as I now have dumps of LV0 and LV1. I've also dumped the NAND without removing it or a modchip.

3 years, 2 months, 11 days ... that's a pretty secure system

Hotz says he's not revealing his exploit yet. While it "isn't really patchable ... they can make implementations much harder." Wonder if this portends a fast firmware update to snap it shut. That is, if it really has been hacked. But Hotz's cred in this realm is pretty solid. Interesting.

On the PlayStation 3 [George Hotz, via Gizmodo]


    Problem is still the fact it'll be Bluray discs making pirating a pain in the ass, well atleast you won't see any Australian pirates with our bad internet lol

      Guess what guys, you can use a USB loader with a modded PS3. Having to buy Bluray discs doesn't stop pirates because, you don't have to buy discs.

        Most people would reach their monthly download limit if they download a PS3 game, and I'm not sure how common BluRay burners are =/

    Now, I'd rather buy games than download a game which would take 3 days.

    Do want.

    Piracy isn't limited to downloading games though. Theoretically with a blu-ray drive in a PC, you'd at some point be able to rip and burn your own games.

    Still price limiting with the cost of bluray drives and media, but prices will drop. Blank CDs and CD+RW drives used to be expensive too.

    Do want ... PS3 PC!! ..

      If you have a model before the PS3 slim, then technically you already have a PS3 PC.

      Just install Linux on it.

    Most PS3 games are no bigger than Xbox 360 games.
    Go here to see: http://orlydb.com/s/ps3

    If it allows you to play ps2 games then I'd do it. But that's the only reason why.

    Multi-regional Blu-Ray player please.

      Arent bluray players region free anyhow?

        Not quite. Its a confusing issue: there are only 3 BD regions- A B and C- and pretty much ANY PS3 game will work anywhere. But as with DVDs, many discs may actually be region-free- whatever is on the packaging. The problem comes when it is actually region-locked, and your player is not multi region-enabled. There's probably sites to ascertain which versions of a BD release will work on your player, and if I was any less lazy, I would probably list them. Sadly it is Sunday arvo, and I am not.

      LOLOLOLOL idiot they are all region free already

        Probably shouldn't call someone an idiot unless you are sure of your facts. All BD movies are *not* region free, I have three titles here that are region locked and won't play on an Australian PS3 or BD player.

        Can't se a reason to hack the PS3, it does most everything I want. If they made it totally region free, and I could run emulators on it, it would be kind of cool. Being able to have games play from a menu directly from the HDD would be cool I guess, but the BD discs don't seem to get scratched up, unlike my damn 360 discs. Finally jtagged my 360 so I don't have to bother putting the disc in to change games and no more getting discs resurfaced down at video-ezy.

          Reasons to hack PS3
          1) Linux or any OS with access full resolution and hardware acceleration.
          2) XBMC (or other media center software)
          3) Region Free DVD/Blu Ray
          4) Ad-skip in dvd opening trailers
          5) Emulators, play your original xbox, N64, SNES & PC games on your ps3.
          6) Backups of your disks so you can still play them when they get scratched (or stop them from getting scratched)
          7) Homebrew games - DDR like games on PS3
          8) The satisfaction that comes from actually owning your hardware that you paid for and having it do what you say, not what some stuffed shirt says they'll let you do with your property.
          9) Stuff neither you nor I have thought of that will be way cool. (I never saw xbmc coming, it's the best media center still.)
          10) Inexpensive hardware for researchers doing supercomputing clusters or whatever else they can think of to make the world a better place with less pestilence, disease, misery and tragedy. (Well we can dream they'll be successful, huh?)

            1) Been able to install Linux on the PS3 for ages now
            2) Run the media center of your PC. Been using Tversity on my ps3 for a while now, does everything I need
            3) Agree
            4) Hit square. 9 out of 10 times will go straight to the root menu
            5) Also agree
            6) The pirates shanty
            7) See 1)
            8) Welcome to how the world works. Everything has stuffed shirts with rules.
            9) How can you miss something you don't know exists?
            10) Its called [email protected] be nice if they had more researchers with access though. Give us a choice.

    OH this is really old news about 4 days old and also geohot would of done it why would he make it up

    Now all the pirates need is a way of getting blank Bluray discs for less than the $40 they are at retail, sell the games for about $20 less than retail games to make their margin and... oh wait we have a perfectly 'legitimate' preowned system that already does that and pisses-off the games companies enough.

    You would rip a PS3 game to a hd and then run it from there. That's how it's done on the Wii and I believe the xbox 360.

    EB games are the devil ... I almost cried when I got a giftcard for xmas.

      i feel your pain son, but there is a fix for that if you own a good computer or xbox 360.

      I usually buy a pc game and return it when theres a girl at the counter, even though i have registered the game and all.

      See this way... you get to keep returning the same 100$ game for another week after week.

      Make sure its a girl at the counter or else they will know what your up to. I got dragon age batman and left4dead2 for the price of one.

        You fool, there are smarter girls at EB than you will ever be, trust me, they know what you're upto and they all think you're a little bastard.

    I'd like to be able to play mkv files on the PS3. It would save all the dicking around to convert them.

      You can just use ps3 media server ... it streams mkv files to your ps3.

    I'd rather a slow firmware update, if you don't mind...don't need them to brick my PS3 just so I can't hack it ;)

    pirating on the ps3 is useless seeing how bluray's are expensive to buy, internet here is uber slow so theres no point, but one of the main things i can see hackers use with this is to mess with MP server code to run amuck as seen in the 360 version on MW2. another thing is to run backups though, with most games especially exclusives, they will take alot of the space and something about using alot of space on the HDD and the slow read speed doesnt sound like it will go well

      your pretty stunned, usb loaders mean no blu ray is needed, second the internet if it sucks at your place, on your comp ps3 wii or shitbox guaranteed it wont be much better.

      Oh dear, are you sure your name isn't Marvin?

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people are completely ok with stealing other peoples hard work and effort.

    Morals are a thing of the past with the lower socioeconomic groups I guess.

      There are plenty of legitimate reasons to want open access to your PS3. I use my Xbox as a media center with XBMC for example. Also you can run emulators on it to play your old PS and PS2 games (seeing as they removed support for that in my version of the hardware).

      Theres a thorough list in the comments above, inform yourself before tsking at piracy.

        I'm well aware of the 'legitimate' reasons people mod, but those people are in the vast minority.

        I've been in this industry for over a decade and collecting for almost 20 years. I know the general mindset of the bulk of the 'casual' market and it's not healthy.

    used to be into the modding thing and having all the games... but to be honest have to agree with PTho... alot of very creative and talented people have put ALOT of effort into the games that you love. Forget about the big corporations and marketing machines, just remember that there is talent buried deep in there that will be effected as well. No need to be ripped off as well... order your stuff from Korea and shop around and you can get most of your $100 games for approx $60.

      With current systems, I always want to spend my money and get legitimate copies of games, for a few obvious reasons I guess.
      However, when a console is no longer making money (or in the PS2's case, very well emulated) I can't help but get a huge craving to own every game ever made for the system...it's a disease

    Personally i won't buy a console system until it has been hacked or is on its 3rd or 4th price drop.

    I get as much enjoyment out of hacking the system, playing homebrew, emulators and using the media centre apps as well as downloading and burning copies games. Pirating is fun.

    Its also realy cool picking through your 200 games on your USB hardrive like with the WII and 360.

    PS3 still only has one game i want to play. So i would be buying one for the enjoyment of hacking it.

      This is incredibly lame. Searching through your 200 game collection on your hard drive is not cool. There are plenty of legitimate ways to play those games cheaply, including rentals (through a subscription system like gamefly, I use gameguys its 20 bucks a month), second hand games and borrowing from friends.

      If you do it this way, you arent paying a LOT for the games, but you are paying the companies indirectly. Rental companies pay for the games, someone bought the game initially for second hand games and your friend bought it if you borrow it. All this is better than the $0 that you are contributing if you pirate.

      Basically, if consoles become as bad as the PC is for pirating, you will see all the core games disappearing (seeing as it is mostly core gamers who pirate). They arent going to make games for a demographic that doesnt buy them.

        Good point. Generally, people are extremely short sighted when it comes to piracy. They have no idea of the long term effects they are having on a still relatively young industry.

    I guess this is where millions of Sony dollars went: to create the most secure console in history.
    3 years, 2 months, and 11 days: Not bad Ken Kutaragi.

    Nintendo and Microsoft better pray everyday that the PS3 remain unhacked and BluRay stay unpirated coz if this happens they better run for their money.


      There is a reason the ps2 killed it so badly. It was completely broken open with no firmware updates.

      It is amazing that the ps3 has taken so long to be broken, and it has paid the price for its diligence. What amazes me is that Sony has been protecting the software developers royalties (and its own, of course) yet game developers have been rescinding on PS3 only titles or PS3 only content. If Sony can sell the PS3 hardware at a gain (like the sizable profit margin Nintendo has on the Wii) there is no incentive to keep it un-hacked, it just hurts their market share.

      Ass-backwards if you ask me.

      Give me fair pricing in Australia, and an R-rating instead of censoring games and I'll keep buying.

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