Iraqi Kidnap Victim Subjected To PlayStation

British hostage Peter Moore will soon be returning to the UK from Iraq, after spending the last six months of his two-and-a-half year period of captivity with only satellite television, a laptop, and a PlayStation to keep him occupied.

Peter Moore and his four bodyguards were kidnapped in May of 2007 by what is understood to be an obscure militia known as the Islamic Shia Resistance. Over the course of the following months three of his bodyguards were killed, with the fourth presumed dead. After two years of rough treatment, his captors changed their tune in June of 2009. According to BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner, from then on, Moore was given access to some more luxurious amenities.

Frank Gardner said that since June, Mr Moore had been given markedly better treatment by his captors, effectively placed under house arrest, with en suite facilities, access to satellite TV, a laptop - though not online - and a PlayStation.

What a surreal experience that must have been for the man. Two years of hopeless bleak despair, his bodyguards killed, and then all of the sudden he might as well be hanging out at my apartment for six months. Part of me wonders about the psychological effects the rapid shift in treatment would have on a man, and is glad to see that Mr. Moore will be returning home after such a long, terrible ordeal.

The other part of me wonders what games he played.

A third part of me would like to point out that he received access to a PlayStation, and not an Xbox 360 or Wii. I wouldn't call the Islamic Shia Resistance Sony fanboys, mainly because my name is on this post. Those of you hiding behind screen names in the comments section are free to savor the sweet release of anonymity.

Not to make light of a serious situation. I'm just trying to wrap my head around an extremist organisation that supplies a video game system to a hostage. The world is a very strange place indeed.

Freed hostage Peter Moore tells of time in captivity [NNC]


    Hopefully not modern warefare 2...

      No online, remember? At best he'd play SP then go on Special Ops. Also on the post, yeah this is extremely bizarre, but at least this poor man got something to occupy his time in an otherwise hellish situation.

    Given the fact they only ever refer to it as a "Playstation" in the article, I tend to imagine it's more likely he was playing Crash Bandicoot and Road Rash than Uncharted 2 and Infamous.

    But that's not such a bad thing, there were some awesome games on the old school Playstation.

      Indeed, as long as they supplied him with a couple of Final Fantasy games, he'd be all set for six months worth. I'd actually kind of like some time of nothing but my Playstation to finish some old games, but my 360/PS3 keep telling me to buy new games for them :(

    Can't you just leave your console wars out of a very disturbing story?. If your mother was hit by a car and was dying on the side of the road would you ask her what console her favourite game of the year was on?.

      My mother would probably say "See... that's what happens when you play too much Forza 3 videogame! You drive like bloody idiot! People gets hurt!"

    Making him play playstation is just sick. What a world!

    What I'm wondering is how he was able to be kidnapped with four bodyguards...

    Time for another bombing me thinks.

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