Is Lost Planet 2 Doing Marcus Fenix Right?

Gears of War's Marcus Fenix and hetero life companion Dominic Santiago are getting the Lost Planet 2 treatment, but is Capcom's MT-Framework 2.0 treating them right? Let's compare!

First off, we're taking an image from a brief trailer shown during the announcement of the Gears guys' cameo in Lost Planet 2, so until we get some crisp, clean screenshots sometime soon, mind the blur factor. As for comparing a trailer to an actual game screen, Capcom has informed us that the trailer was created within the same MT-Framework 2.0 engine that Lost Planet 2 is built with, so what you see should be what you're going to get.

I'm fascinated by video game cameos, much like I'm fascinated by comic book characters crossing over into other books. It's a chance to see your favourite characters in a new light, crafted by the hand of a different artist.

That having been said, I'm pretty sure Microsoft was very specific about how Marcus and Dom should look, leaving little room for interpretation. The result is two similar but slightly different versions of the two popular characters.

Comparing the two, the shot from Gears of Wars 2 is definitely more detailed, while Lost Planet 2's Marcus and Dom are much shinier. They probably had time to polish up that armour during the long trip to wherever the hell Capcom put that second planet. The LP2 models loose a little definition, but the key elements are all in place, and there's no way you could mistake these two for another couple of over-muscled commandos.

Any thoughts? Which rendering of Marcus and Dom do you prefer? Would you want to get lost on a planet with them?


    They definitely look shinier in the Lost Planet 2 version, and that makes them look less like battle hardened soldiers, and more like a plastic mold of one.

    So I take it Marcus and Dom are in Lost Planet purely to drive sales.
    Im guessing theres no storyline continuity from Gears of War.
    Much like Yoda in Soul Caliber.

      From the first article about it...

      "It is believed that the characters will be available as exclusive downloadable characters for the Xbox 360 and will not be appearing in the game’s story mode."

    is Lost Planet, the original, worth buying? I've always been meaning to check it out, but never got around to it. I'm a big fan of Resident Evil, Uncharted and Batman-style action adventure games. So if it's like that, I'm in.

    lost Planet 1 is a great game, i payed through it when it came out and had fun with it. but i wouldent play through it again because i hate the first level (intro to the game level that you cant skip)but if youve never played it then its definatly worth getting.

    In a wierd way, you COULD tie GoW and LP together in the same universe easily, very very easily. Without any effort at all. But why would you want to...

    Looks like they're using the models from the first gears of war game.

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