Isn't It A Little Late For MGS4-Themed Accessories?

Running between $US199 and $US250, Astro Gaming's newly released A40 Audio System: Metal Gear Solid 4 Edition is the perfect way to say $US199-$US250 on a PlayStation 3 headphone solution with interchangeable MGS4 speaker tags.

McWhertor reviewed the generic version of the A40 Audio System last year, and found it a highly capable if slightly pricey product. The quality of Astro Gaming's A40 isn't in question here. It's just the timing seems a bit off. Metal Gear Solid 4 was released in June of 2008, and anyone with a couple hundred dollars to spend on a gaming headset has likely already played the game and moved on. Still, Astro is thrilled.

"The Metal Gear Solid series has been thrilling gamers for years with its incredible graphics, stealth game play and cinematic presentation" said Jordan Reiss, VP of ASTRO Gaming. "We're proud that Konami and Kojima Productions have chosen us as a partner and we anticipate that this will be the first in a series of products customised for the Metal Gear Solid franchise"

There's more on the way? Amazing! There's still life in the game yet. You can order the Metal Gear Solid 4 Edition of the A40 at Astro's official website.


    faily sure astro gear is a scam..

    what makes it work 3-4 times that of comparable gaming headphones from Steelseries or Razor.

    Sure the mixamp is nice however you can get a real mixer for less!...

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