Jailbreak Hacker Releases His PS3 Exploit To The Public

George Hotz, the man responsible for "jailbreaking" the iPhone platform, has released the "coveted" PlayStation 3 exploit he announced last week, the one that means the console is essentially "hacked".

So begins the cycle of homebrew developers finding new ways to run custom code on the PS3 and Sony Computer Entertainment engineers attempting to squash exploits that enable said homebrew (and the piracy that tends to go along with it). We're sure that Kevin Butler, VP of Locking Shit Down, is already on the case.

Just don't count on Hotz continuing his pursuit of keeping the PlayStation 3 hack ready.

"Hopefully, this will ignite the PS3 scene, and you will organize and figure out how to use this to do practical things, like the iPhone when jailbreaks were first released," Hotz writes on his blog. "I have a life to get back to and can't keep working on this all day and night."

Hotz says his exploit is "known to work with version 2.4.2 only, but I imagine it works on all current versions."

Here's your silver platter [On The PlayStation 3]


    If this meant that a good homebrew PS2 emulator would be released for the PS3's that unfortunately lack the ability because of the hardware revision then I'm all for it.

    Even if it get's patched, at least it might make encourage Sony to invest time to develop and release their own a bit faster.

    Nothing like a little healthy competition to push development.

    Of course that being said, if it jeopardized my online account and risked it being banned i would avoid it like the plague.

    if you can hack your ps3 to play ps2 games, then i feel so ripped off...

    I wish I had my own company, if only to appoint a VP of Locking Shit Down.

      agreed, if im ever a founding member of a game company, im pushing for that job title.

    I'd hack my slim (have phat as well) purely for any extra functionality it can add, wonder if there's a difference between the hardware.

    For the naysayers, I have 60 plus games (not including other consoles) and have zero intention of running pirated games. I love it when friends come over and are in awe of my collection.

      The hack requires use of OtherOS so essentially it is only compatible with phat PS3's at this point.

      Not to mention at this point, there's little incentive to pirate PS3 games, seeing as blank Blu-Ray discs are generally pricier than 2nd hand games...

        Its called playing them off a Hard Drive

          And PS3 games arent all massive Blu-Ray filling games.
          Most are no bigger than Xbox games.
          Posting the link again:

            8 bucks AUD for a single layer is much much less than 80 or 90 AUD

    Too much effort for my liking

    I can see some advantages hell the first..nay second thing ;) i did on my honeymoon was hack the psp.

    But it was nice for once to own a console that couldn't be hacked.

    Good side is if they can get a Ps2 emu running that actually works sony might release it themselves to discourage hacking.

    Just look what the hacking scene did for the psp :)

      Ironically I hacked my DS on my honeymoon! its funny that's what guys get up to even with a new wife sitting there :D

    Hate to break to you guys, but keeping up to date on the PSP scene has taught me that if someone releases their exploit this early it usually means it doesn't really do much.

    Man, that's sad. This 'hacker' could work for Sony if he wanted to; but instead he dedicates his life to hacking.

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