Japan Celebrates Christmas By Buying Many, Many Wiis, DSis

After taking a backseat to Final Fantasy XIII and the PlayStation 3, Nintendo had a very merry Christmas week in Japan, another 215,000 Wiis in Japanese gamers' waggle-hungry, Mushroom Kingdom-platforming hands.

With a little help from Mario, Luigi and two Toads, the Wii scored first place on Media Create's weekly hardware chart, nearly doubling PS3s sales during the same period. Suppose that selling a half-million copies of New Super Mario Bros. Wii will do that for one's platform.

The non-LL sized DSi managed to just squeak past the PS3 this week, giving Nintendo second place, with the PSP managing a fourth place showing. And look, there's the PSPgo.

  • Wii - 215,129
  • Nintendo DSi - 113,984
  • PlayStation 3 - 110,519
  • PSP - 105,801
  • Nintendo DSi LL - 81,430
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 17,695
  • Xbox 360 - 6489
  • PSPgo - 4192
  • PlayStation 2 - 3747


    LOL @ 360

    surely everyone is japan has at least 1 wii by now...

      You'd think they'd all have a PS2 by now as well...

    Gogo ps2!

    After playing NSMB Wii I'm quite disgusted at Casual gamers and Nintendo.

      U dont like it? me and my GF love it. its another game along with Mario kart, Smash Bros that my GF will play

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