Japan Getting Uncharted Game Pack

While PS3 exclusive Uncharted is a hugely successful franchise in the West, it has yet to capture the Japanese gaming public's imagination.

That's not because the Uncharted franchise is not very good — quite the contrary — nor is it because the series doesn't have appeal in Japan — I believe it very well could.

The issue with Uncharted is that it's a new series. People aren't familiar with it. So when something like Uncharted 2 comes out in Japan, some people might be hesitant to pick it up, because they haven't played Uncharted 1.

To rectify that potential issue, Sony is releasing an Uncharted pack. It contains Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2. That way the reluctance to purchase Uncharted 2 without playing Uncharted 1 has been solved.

However, it does give rise to another issue altogether: commitment. What if I don't like Uncharted? What will I do with this games? Am I really an Uncharted person? Does this dress make me look fat?

Do. Not. Worry. Uncharted is a delightful gaming experience, Japanese gamer. And that dress does not make you look fat. Those pants, well.

This Uncharted TWIN PACK is priced at ¥7,980 and comes with a copy of Uncharted 1 (budget version, but hey!) and Uncharted 2 as well as a nifty box.


    Nice Move PS3. This was the case for me with Uncharted 2 being a very Japanese gamer such as I Uncharted looked so un interesting to me at first. If it werent for the GOTY packaging I wouldn't have bought it at Boxing Day even at $35. Same goes for LBP GOTY Edition.

    Keep slapping those GOTY and those awards thing Sony and your games will do fine.

    I didn't like uncharted 1, got bored with it.

    Uncharted 2 how ever has kept me much more entertained.

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