Japanese Hardware Sales Tally

Tally ho! So to speak. Famitsu publisher Enterbrain has released hardware sales figures for Japan.

The data was collected between December 29, 2008 and December 27, 2009, and the data is for Japan. The numbers for the DS include all variations — the same for the PSP and the PS3.

Nintendo DS 2009 estimated sales: 4,025,313 units Life-to-date estimated sales: 29,160,589 units

PSP 2009 estimated sales: 2,307,971 units Life-to-date estimated sales: 13,386,455 units

Wii 2009 estimated sales: 1,975,178 units Life-to-date estimated sales: 9,501,999 units

PlayStation 3 2009 estimated sales: 1,727,041 units Life-to-date estimated sales: 4,391,407 units

Xbox 360 2009 estimated sales: 331,706 units Life-to-date estimated sales: 1,197,873 units

The Nintendo DS is the front runner, while the PSP has the edge for second place. The Wii and the PS3 are neck and neck. And then, there's the Xbox 360.


    Firstly, everyone knew the DS was going to be the front runner. It's natural in Japan even though its debatable if it should be. But the PSP surprised me with its sales. Especially the 2009 sales it has compared to the DS 2009 sales which seem, well, a bit dull.

    I really though the Wii has sold much more than 9 million so that shocks me. And then also;

    HOW are the Wii and PS3 neck and neck considering the Wii has pretty much doubled the PS3's sales?? If you are referring to 2009 sales, fair enough, but the big picture is lifetime and the Wii is dominating the PS3 too, which it hurts to say.

    Why are we comparing hand held units to gaming consoles?

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