Kane & Lynch Devs Were “Bystanders” To Gerstmann Review Fiasco

Kane & Lynch Devs Were “Bystanders” To Gerstmann Review Fiasco

Longtime game reviewer Jeff Gerstmann is widely seen to have been fired from gaming site GameSpot in 2007 due to his negative review of Kane & Lynch. That game’s developers consider the episode “sad”.

Blame GameSpot for firing a reviewers possibly due to the content of his reviews? Blame publisher Eidos (now owned by Square-Enix) for possibly complaining about the review enough to pressure GameSpot? We still don’t really know who pushed hard enough to cost Gerstmann his job, but the Kane & Lynch developers say that they were just bystanders to the drama.

Videogamer.com spoke with IO Interactive’s Carsten Lund, now game director on Kane & Lynch 2, who told the site:

“The Gerstmann-gate thing we know nothing about, actually. We know as little as you guys might know. We were watching from the sidelines as developers, and it was sad. It was not really nice, but we couldn’t do anything about that. So there’s actually nothing for us to say.”

Producer Hakan Abrak described the dev team as “bystanders” to the Gerstmann situation.

In 2008, the first game’s director, Jens Peter Kurup, was quoted by GamesRadar as saying “there was something in the tone of that review that was tough on people, and on me.” But the developers were never seen, no matter how much the Gerstmann’s review hurt, of having advocated for the firing.

Gerstmann has moved on, having founded GiantBomb.com. GameSpot continues to be among gaming’s top websites. And IO Interactive is set to release Kane & Lynch 2 this year.

IO: Gerstmann-gate got ‘out of hand’ [VideoGamer.com]


  • I blame both Gamespot and Eidos, the comments of “it’s sad” are bullshit everyone knows Eidos asked for him to be fired or change his score and Gamespot wanted to keep an advertiser happy . But I don’t think Gamespot had any idea when giving him his walking papers that the backlash would be so huge. Not only did it cost them their most senior and well known reviewer at the time, but almost all of their reviewing staff resigned soon after in protest. But probably the biggest impact that this whole thing has had is that Gamespot has pretty much lost its journalistic integrity.

  • Besides a few bugs, dumb AI and a broken cover system I liked Kane and Lynch. The story was awesome to me and im glad they are not only making a sequel but a movie. I agree that the game score should be low so the developers learn there lesson to make better quality, but it was an okay game in general and I enjoyed it. Im unsure what really happened aswell but im sure it didnt need to involve a firing.

  • If you actually see Gerstmann’s review on the site you’ll notice that his review and score isn’t all that different from other game site review’s, even user’s thought the game was shit with rating scores of one all round. I thought the game was shit, Gerstmann thought it was shit half a dozen other review sites thought it was shit, a tonne of users and players thought it was shit. All in all the game was shit. they (Eidos, because who are we kidding, they wanted the guy fired) and Gamespot made a big deal of of a review, of a game that was seriuosly not very good.

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