Kingdom Hearts Does Wonders For PSP In Japan

The release of Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep has given the PlayStation Portable a sales boost, while other platforms faltered this week. The PSP sits atop (and at the bottom of) this week's hardware chart.

The PSP moved nearly 150,000 units this past week in Japan, likely aided by the solid sales of the latest portable Kingdom Hearts game. Birth By Sleep PSP bundles sure didn't hurt.

So while the PSP held strong, improving upon the previous week's numbers, every other platform was on the decline. The numbers, after this.

  • PSP - 145,682
  • Wii - 76,772
  • PlayStation 3 - 61,591
  • Nintendo DSi - 50,178
  • Nintendo DSi LL - 45,221
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 10,067
  • Xbox 360 - 5461
  • PlayStation 2 - 3092
  • PSP go - 2841


    So many variations of the DS.

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