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Instead of focusing on the past, wondering what may have happened to yesterday's Kotaku Off Topic open thread, in which anything can be discussed video game related or not, let's focus on the future!

I mean, really, who's all that interested in placing blame about the lack of Kotaku Off Topic yesterday? Certainly not me! Who forgot to do what after a busy day at the Consumer Electronics Show isn't important right now. What is important is having a chance to discuss whatever it is you want to discuss.

Let's trade links, news stories, opinions and witty comments in this on-time, not forgotten Kotaku Off Topic. I'll start!


    The 2010 annual no pants subway ride is on tomorrow in New York (http://improveverywhere.com/2010/01/04/no-pants-subway-ride-2010-details-for-new-york/). The same thing will be happening simultaneously in cities around the world, even here in Australia :D (http://www.messandnoise.com/discussions/3838670).

    How's this different to the "Talk amongst yourselves" post??

      talk amongst yourselves is posted by kotaku AU. this is posted by kotaku US. however, seeing as kotaku US comments never seem to show on AU (even when I click "US comments"), its really irrelevant.

    Two quality indie developers have bundled their games, Overgrowth (by Wolfire Games - http://www.wolfire.com/ ) and Natural Selection 2 (by Unknown Worlds Entertainment - http://www.unknownworlds.com/ ), together as The Organic Indie Preorder Pack for a limited time only.

    Preordering for US$39.95 (40% off) gets you instant access to early alpha's including level editors. If you've already preordered one of the games you get the other for free!

    Info: http://blog.wolfire.com/2010/01/The-Organic-Indie-Preorder-Pack

    These are some kickass indie games deserving of a check out.

    Man I love the Big Lebowski! :)

    Hey did you guys announce Friday's Bayonetta winner? I don't see it and I'm still pathetically holding out hope.

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