Kotaku Off Topic: Belly Burger

There really aren't enough video games built around the concept of the hamburger. Similarly a shame, the amount of burger in my digestive tract at this very moment. I'm about to correct that.

While you're reading, contemplating and commenting in tonight's Kotaku Off Topic thread, in which anything can be discussed, I'll be at my nearest Umami Burger. I'll probably be eating malt liquor tempura onion rings and eating an unhealthy amount of beef. We're not lacking for quality burger places in Los Angeles (In 'n' Out, The Counter, Fathers Office, etc), but this will be my first trip to Umami.

I'm always on the lookout for good food and travel often, so recommendations about your favourite local restaurants - whether they serve burgers or not - are welcome and highly appreciated in the comments. Otherwise, this Kotaku Off Topic is all yours...

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    I feel safe in my declaration that Grill'd has the best burgers in the Australia.
    Surprised that comedian managed to get as far as he did!

      I completely agree. I'm an extremely fussy eater, and Grill'd had the best burger I have ever eaten. Their chips are pretty darn good too.

        Unfortunately, the best burgers in Australia go to Burger Urge in New Farm and West End, Brisbane. So. Freaking. Incredible.

    That's right, in THE AUSTRALIA.
    Long live typos!

    I am pleasantly surprised that Maccas managed t come out with a decent burger. The Grand angus (not its sloppy joe brother) is actually a decent size, with a decent bun and salad (un heard of in a beef maccas burger. We are lucky to get lettuce...)

    Burger Fuel in NZ & Burgerlicious in 'the Australia'

    If you really want a good burger, drive straight past Grill'd and get yourself down to Purple Gorilla Burger Sensations on the corner of Stanley Steet / Main Street / Ipswich Road at Woolloongabba, QLD (opposite The Gabba cricket ground). It's good, they also sell Boylan soft drinks / sodas.

    Grill'd is delicious.
    Also, Beasty Burgers are awesome. their burgers are huge, and the onion rings are glorious.

    There are a few great fish and chip shops around that cook some truly great burgers (with the lot). Albeit some very greasy, fat dripping ones. But hey, if you want a burger why not grab the fattiest best tasting one around?

    Furgburgers in Queenstown NZ. Best burgers around. I had a couple on a ski trip there. A line at the door every night! Also Grill'd in Australia. The cathedral burger in BUXTON VICTORIA is also legendary!

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