Kotaku Off-Topic: Every Kiss Begins With Uranus

You might think you got your girl a nice sized rock when you popped the question, some gas giant at the edge of the solar system just blew the curve for the rest of us guys.

Plenty of chatter today about games. Too much, even. Let's take a break with some officially sanctioned off-topic discussion. To provoke it, here are some idle thoughts with 19 shopping days left until the Super Bowl.

  • Diamonds in Uranus? - Maybe, and they'd really, really big ones, actually. Like oceans of liquid diamond with iceberg sized hunks. In other news, Saturn is a planet of ice cream with cotton-candy clouds and jellybean mountains.
  • Onward Christian Soldiers - Military sniper rifle sights made by a Michigan company with a $US660 million contract come inscribed with references to Bible versus, free of charge. The company's marketing director is all "What's the dif?" and complains that the issue is being raised by groups that are "not Christian."
  • Two Strikes, Yer Out - A former U.S. major leaguer who brained a minor league catcher with a bat a couple years back has been banned for life by the Dominican Republic's baseball league after slugging an ump. More intriguing, the U.S. umpires working the league all quit in solidarity and left the nation.


    sorry but... wtf is this all about?

    kotaku off topic non game related news that is interesting/ teh lulz.

    Seems more appropriate for io9, Gawker, Deadspin, etc. . .
    Well, at least it would be on topic there ;)

    You know where I go for non-related games discussion? Everywhere but Kotaku.

    Slow news day huh?

    Sigh, Diamonds. Biggest scam ever, your garden variety quartz is rarer than diamonds. Why so expensive? The few who hold vaults of the stuff and control supply and make huge markups for it. Can't wait for year 2XXX or 3XXX when people start mining outer space, and then maybe humanity will change for the better (or worse). :|

    ITP: Owen Good trying to be funny.

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