Kotaku Off Topic: Jack's Back

It's not really fair. The Kotaku morning crew gets Talk Amongst Yourselves, the open thread that commenters control, where (almost) anything goes. What does the Kotaku night crew get? The vastly superior Off Topic, starting today.

What is Off Topic? Well, it's not really about video games, but it's also open to video game discussion. It's an end of day link dump, a nightly open thread for us to share the best and worst of the web, hopefully just a step or two away from the expected area of coverage. We give you links and potentially interesting topics of discussion from technology, science, science fiction, general geekdom, politics, or whatever and you, hopefully, do the same. Cool?

Here's what I have been reading/watching/enjoying over the past few days.


    I don't think that piracy article is accurate. I've seen plenty of places report Top Gear is the most pirated... thought I suppose it's an American list and we can't include foreign sorts on it (world doesn't exist outside of the usa after all).

    Anyway, I'll admit to viewing television shows before they reach Australian TV. I want to watch them when they come out, and at my own leisure. If they came out on DVD/blu ray I'd buy them that way, but they don't. And it's not as if 99% of television shows make it to Australian TVs anyway (am I the only person in the country who has heard of Modern Family? Funniest American show I've watched in YEARS, but I'm yet to hear of it being shown locally).

      Just watched a trailer of that on youtube - does look pretty funny! Not as funny as the office but funny ;)

    I love having a DVD filled with an entire season of a TV show to watch at my leisure, why not watch half a series in one sitting if I'm feeling particularly Sloth-like. I used to buy boxsets but I prefer to watch current stuff.

    Interesting read on the g-spot article, in my experience, it definitely exists. Their methodolgy seems flawed, asking twins if they have 'found' theirs, that would be like asking twins whether they both had orgasms, if one had a useless partner then they would assume that orgasms didn't exist.

    TV stations are going to have to look at how they broadcast things, I unplugged from the TV loop a few years ago, the ads were bad, and lack of late night TV was appalling, but the insertion of ads directly into the programs themselves, often at important moments in the film, was the end of it for me.
    So I disconnected the antenna, and went entirely net and DVD based. I download series and watch them, then buy the boxset when it comes out (I'm a sucker for DVD commentary and extras). I watch the ABC programs via podcasts, the only thing I miss is SBS, but apparently they now have ads during their movies anyway.

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