Kotaku Off Topic: Mac Ready

Back from CES and time to get back to the daily grind. And back to Kotaku Off Topic, where things non-gaming are discussed. Like recent and future purchases, maybe?

Now, I'm in the market for a new iMac, preferably something with a quad-core Intel chip and 27-inches of screen, something to replacement my laptop as my primary workstation. But I also don't want to deal with what Mark Wilson over at Gizmodo and many other new iMac owners have been dealing with—poor quality control on iMac LCD screens. If I felt like I had another option besides waiting for Apple to get its shit together, I'd pursue it. For now, I wait.

And I get caught up on the day's non-gaming related internet curiosities and stories of interest. Anything you'd like to share with the group?


    i too would like an imac desktop sans screen death
    oh and a stormtrooper helmet along with those stormtrooper adidas i saw today

      Hackintosh... I bet a few good viewers could help you make one.

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