Kotaku Off Topic: Tablet Eve

Video game news all day long! How can you stand it?! Let's take a break with some off-topic discussion, courtesy of Kotaku Off Topic this Apple Tablet Announcement Eve.

Just think... tomorrow, all this silly Apple tablet/slate speculation will be behind us, letting us move onto bigger and better things. Things like getting a second job to pay for our Apple tablets. Oh, I kid. Tomorrow should be a frenzy of all things Apple, as Kotaku (meaning: me) will be in San Francisco for the iPod and iPhone maker's announcement of something. Make sure to tune in Wednesday morning for our live coverage of the event.

In the meantime, while we wait for Apple executives to wow us with something new and shiny, let's talk about whatever's on your mind. Let's get this Off Topic started!


    is that ... .. . .old boy?

      It definitely is.
      How cool!


    You don't see the ending coming in that one!

    So he did WHAT, and thats his WHO?
    Oh My a-God!

    There's a big countdown going on GOG.com and Mass Effect 2 coming out tomorrow, overpriced apple gadgets don't even show up on my radar

    Yeah, but it'll be an apple tablet!

    I jest, but it's like how "everyone knew" apple were bringing out a phone, and then they did and everyone went "omg that's awesome, why didn't we think of that?"

    I expect something similar to that. Only thing that has aroused my curiosity is why so many games peeps are invited. Probably just to unveil a tablet appstore.

    Whats an apple? I only came in here to find out the name of that movie, so I can see it again :)

    Seeing as you're talking about releasing things, and it says "Off Topic" up there in big letters,


    haha, i followed this link purely due to the Old Boy pic.
    Not even going to read the story...

    That movie Rocks!

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