Kotaku Off Topic: Ukiyo-e

This edition of Kotaku Off Topic was cobbled together while doing something totally off topic: looking for artists in the vein of Maruo Suehiro.

Careful what you Google Image Search, if you're interested in just who that is, because his artwork ventures toward the graphically violent. But we (meaning my side project Meat Bun) are on the hunt for some new artists for upcoming projects and need someone particularly skilled. The benefit in doing this kind of artist trawling is that I get to see some amazing stuff on a regular basis, mostly through poking around Deviantart.

Any budding artists out there in Kotaku Off Topic land? Feel free to tell us about your illustrative pursuits or talk about whatever strikes your fancy. Or, enjoy some non-video game related links.


    The old block art style has always sorta interested me, I'm considering getting a large painting for my room in that type of style. A few contemporary appropriations have popped up, Okami is a great example of a game that implemented it consistently an art style through the entire game.

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