Kotaku Originals: The Teen Age

We've said goodbye to a decade that really had no name, but I haven't heard much consensus on what we're gonna call this one. The Tens? Tweens? Twenty-teens? We've got another 9 years and 364 days to figure it out.

Quick programming note: Like Christmas weekend, this too will be one of abbreviated coverage as your erstwhile weekend writer finishes his holiday observances two days behind schedule. Don't worry, the next time we have a shortened weekend will be in May. All standing features will run at their regular times, including weekend coupons.

And with that, here is the week - and the end of the year - in original coverage.

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    I thought we'd been calling it the 'noughties' for most of 2009...

      Just quietly, I think the next decade should be called the 'Niceies', simply for not being the 'noughties'.


        We already have a name for this decade, according to News.Com.Au (a highly respected source of information, of course): The "One-ders" which I think is quite nice, definitely nicer than the "Noughties"

    why does everyone suck so hard at counting 10 years?

    next decade starts jan 1st next year, 2011, read a bloody book.

      In this context, the decade is 2000 - 2009. Check out the definition:


      To put it in real terms, when you're talking about 1980, do you call it the 70's? No.

      We all know that there was no year 0, but referring to a period as the 80's or the 70's has become something of a colloquialism. If we need to be truly accurate, we just state the year in question.

      There is no "official" way to count a decade. Historically, it would be 1-0 (as in 1991-2000) but presently it's more accepted to count 0-9 (as in 2010-2019), because it suits our desire to apply a label to each decade. You couldn't strictly call it the 50s if it also included 1960, could you?

      Anyway, the point is that there's no right or wrong way to count a decade. If you really want to get finicky about it, a new decade starts EVERY year.

        Valid point on the decade starting every year.

        I still feel all this 'rational' is simply because people *want* a decade or a century to start and end on the 0, which is inaccurate as a measurement of time.

        but yes, I refer to 1980 as the '80s' so I suppose I am a hypocrite.

        That said, I reserve the right to consider those calling this the last year of a decade correct and those calling it the first wrong. As anyone could call any year the start or the end of a decade.

        But, I feel it is important that everyone understands the correct way to count the years through our system, if we use the first decade as the starting point of decades (and centuries for that matter) then this is the last year of a decade.

        anyway, your points are taken and noted, I still think its better for people to do it the (more?) correct way but whatever, as you said its part of our language and culture to refer to it the other way, so whatever, rock on.

          As a programmer, counting from 0 comes perfectly naturally to me, so 2010 being the "start" of the 201st decade makes sense to me.

    There is only one (AWESOME) possibility.
    It goes twenties, thirties, forties ect, from this they deduced the noughties,

    As such it is my great pleasure to give you:

    The TEENIES!!! (or the teens, if you're boring and have no freinds)

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