Kotaku's 2009 Game Of The Year

It's been a well-fought discussion: Which game was the hand's down best title of 2009. But all good fights have to end, hopefully with a clear winner.

At Kotaku Tower we spent the better part of January nailing down the games we agreed were the best contenders for best game of 2009. In the end it came down to just three titles:

Several felt that Playstation 3 exclusive Uncharted 2: Among Thieves epitomised the best in games in 2009 because of the way it delivered an interactive experience, transcending video games to become a genuine bit of mainstream entertainment.

Others felt that Assassin's Creed II's sweeping take on Renaissance Italy and the interesting way in which gamers explored and discovered the game's fascinating story made the cross-platform title the game of the year.

Finally, tough-as-nails underdog and PS3 exclusive Demon's Souls was nominated because of the way the game bucked the trend of casual gaming, delivering an unforgiving experience that made the mechanics as much a part of the dread gamers experience playing the action title as the story.

We wrote up our thoughts on all three games, debating their merits and where they failed to deliver. We opened the debate up to you, our readers, we talked about it amongst ourselves. And then this weekend we voted.

Kotaku Tower agrees, as much as we can, that the best video game of 2009 was Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

For your edification: Before starting we decided to use a point system to select our winners. Judges awarded three points to their first selection, two to their second and one to their third. If we had gone with a straight headcount for first, Assassin's Creed II and Uncharted 2 would have tied.


    Good choice, although Dragon Age would have been another strong contender.

    There were alot of strong contenders this year. It's why there will be a lot of games putting out "Game of the Year" editions next year

    What do you think now Wildgoose? hmmmmm?


      Clearly several of my US colleagues have questionable taste.

        ha ha Dave.... you won't give that one up hey? At least you stick to your guns mate. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one, I shall bother you no more.

        Uncharted 2, to me, has the best voice acting ever (it's actually funny), plot twists (although somewhatpredictable), the best cinematic gameplay ever, great storyline and action set pieces that puts everything else to shame, great gameplay, gorgeous graphics, fun multiplayer, lots and lots of variation in the environments etc etc etc.... All of this in one package makes it the best game of 2009 for me.

        It's not very often that all these elements come together in one single game and although U2 doesn't really break any moulds so to speak, what it does do is perfection personified.

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