Kotaku's Top 5 List Of Top 10 Lists

Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.

Microsoft's Top Ten Milestones of the Past Decade [The Kartel]A rather credible assessment of how Microsoft evolved from new entrant with a money-losing console at the beginning of the decade to one of the Big Three by its close, warts and all. The acquisition of Bungie, the Red Ring of Death, and - this can't be overlooked - the porting of Grand Theft Auto III all played huge roles. I would have said something about achievements, honestly. They were on the vanguard of one of console gaming's current core expectations.

Top 10 Snacks Video Gamers Love to Eat [Planet Xbox 360]My biggest problem with this isn't that it turns into a Big Free Ad for Gamer Grub at the end, it's that they neglected my favourite gamer snack, despite the fact I've evangelized for it on Twitter: The grilled cheese, jalapeno and anchovy sandwich. If that sounds vomit-inducing to you, realise that I need the anchovies because of the salt tolerance I've built up over 20 years of consuming Pringles.

Top Ten Most Ridiculous Ideas for Licensed Games [VG Chartz]VGC goes with some oldies-but-baddies, but also reminds us of "Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit" on Super Nintendo and "Napoleon Dynamite" for the DS, plus the double-colon head-asploding logic probe called "Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game."

Fifteen Ways to Tell You're in Deadly Peril in a Video Game [Games Radar]Trusting anyone with facial hair, confronting large, ominous doors and musical cues. Games provide more than a dozen obvious tipoffs that shit is about to go down, and I'm betting there are even more than ones listed here.

Top 10 Headlines of 2010 [ScrewAttack on GameTrailers]Let's shake things up a smidge and go with a video post here. ScrewAttack crystal-balls the year for us, delivering 2010's headlines before we can even read, or report, them.


    I'll sign up for the Milo ranks right away. Especially if it starts with Peter Molyneux's death.

    lol the top10 snacks list goes directly to no.1 :p

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