Latest Forza 3 Pack Lets You Choose The Cars

Microsoft's Turn 10 Studios recently announced two new add-on car packs for Forza Motorsport 3, both of which will be made up entirely of cars selected by the gaming public.

Starting this week gamers can hop over to sister site Jalopnik to vote from a list of 120 cars. The voting ends January 29 and the car packs hits Live this summer.

While the round one polls have already closed, round two is still alive and kicking. Get over there if you're interesting in having a say in which cars you'll be able to buy for Forza 3 down the line.

Jalopnik and Forza Motorsport 3 Partner on Two New Car Packs [Jalopnik]


    Wish there was an option for them to fix the rubbish broken cockpit views of the existing racing cars, but I suppose there's no way for them to make money out of that...

      Please elaborate?

      You mean the racers with a piece of roll cage across the screen?
      I admit they are hard to race in, but it's about being genuine isn't it?

        No, I mean at least half the race cars have digital dashes that don't work.

    made up entirely of cars selected by the gaming public.(from a list of 120) .. doh

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