Leaked Halo: Reach Beta Boot-Up Clip Introduces "Murder Mode"

Halo: Reach is forthcoming. It will be out later this year. One individual is already leaking beta footage onto the internet.

The footage is of the game booting up. There is no gameplay footage. The screen carries a message which reads:

Welcome to the Halo: Reach Public Beta, the experience you are about to enjoy is an early sample of a few multiplayer and single-player levels from Halo: Reach, launching exclusively on Xbox 360 later this year. Until then, drive into Activities or Campaign and have a blast.

However, the leaked clip does introduce a new mode called "Murder Mode". From the tip description: "Use the Murder Mode to kill an enemy without being spotted." The Halo franchise is getting a stealth kill mode, it seems.

Then the clip fades to black, and players can hear game audio. It's all choreographed well. Maybe a little too well.

The footage shows the game running on a Samsung TV - just like Microsoft uses at demo kiosks and trade show events. Is the clip internal? There is no gameplay footage, which might be the only way that the clip could avoid possible infringement, but this could be for another reason entirely: to tease a new a new gameplay feature and build viral hype. Or it could just be a leak.

Leaked Halo: Reach Beta Video - "Murder Mode" Detailed [Xbox Evolved via VG247]


    I lieked the L4D2 music and the sex robot voice.

    The game is getting a stealth kill, it was revealed in the Game Informer for this month. Apparently it'll feature in the single player a bit, so I guess it's only natural to include it in the multiplayer. After reading that GI article, I'm thinking this could be a return to Halo glory for the series.

    Why the tease? Show us something. Regardless I loved the music and the opening tone of the menu, Bungie are always top notch when it comes to music.

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