Left 4 Dead 2 Adding Zombie Bots, Axing Auto Spawns

Two welcome additions are coming to the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Left 4 Dead 2, according to Valve, with the addition of Infected bots in Versus modes and the removal of the dreaded multiplayer auto spawn.

Valve's "L4D Team" writes on the official Left 4 Dead blog that the developer "adding bots for the Infected team to help out the Infected when they are down a man or two," a change that should make lonely Hunters and Smokers happy.

Another forthcoming change that should make the Boomers out there happy is the impending removal of auto spawn. Don't you hate that? You've got a good finale going, spawn automatically as the Boomer or Spitter, with no cover between you and the Survivors... well, good riddance, I say.

There's some talk about the current status of multiplayer on the official blog, plus a few other tidbits, also worth checking in on.

They Live [L4D Blog]


    1. I actually prefer playing with 3 people because you spawn faster.

    2. Not having auto-spawn in a finale is cheap, because you can literally just wait till the survivors are vulnerable without consequences.

    how about returning it to what it should've been and putting the gore back in.... after all, AVP3's getting through and L4D2's got nothig on the violence inherent in that game.

      Yes, we need an R rating in Australia. This is a fact.

      But obviously James you haven't actually read why the board let AvP through and not L4D2. It sort of makes sense and you should just feel lucky that AvP will have all its gore intact. It will kick l4d2's ass anyway.

        you are teh funny!! Avp kick L4D2's arse ???

        not saying that AvP doesn't have the chance of being a good game,...but..

        the devs of AvP made lets see, Shellshock and that other abortion (rogue warrior) that recently came out..

        k, now lets look at valve,... oh wait they only made a couple of the best games ever made,...

        L4D 2 has great reviews and a strong community under its belt, AvP only has PR babble to prove for it untill now.

        How on earth would you even compare the two by sayin one will kick the others arse,..??

        This is ignorance at its best *applause*

          Yeah but their only good game was the Original AvP (I know the Jaguar one exists). So making a game of this franchise is their strength.

    Is having bots as infected really a good thing though? Considering how absolutely horrendously stupid the bot AI is in L4D2?

      Well its better to have some infected there to help you such as a boomer, which depending on the area, "Will" actually get them.

      Honestly, Its better to have the bots there to go in and you find the opportunity to make an decisive move to kill. Then to be instantly killed no matter what you are. =|

      Also if people do rage quit, it still helps the team that lost their members. (Usually the ragers, are the crap ones from what I have noticed)


    I am not believink dat j00 have differint idea of wat constitutez good game to me!

    No offence, but I dont think Valve makes the best games in the world, I think they make a lot of derivitive stuff that allows them to bankroll themselves into bigger productions whilst maintaining integrity by upping the indie scene.
    Sure, its nice they do it, but they do for the same reasons Casinos pay back into the community or give out groceries to senior citizens on pension day.. $$$$$$

    I would also point out they are the ones who CHOSE to release a sub standard game whilst other devs, like lets say Rockstar fight every step, including releasing content they knew would get banned later. The AVP devs refused to release a sub standard game. Good for them.

    L4D2 is an expansion pack, that doesnt work with the game it was meant to expand, and is pretty lack lustre all round as a result.

    The biggest problem with L4D2 is how badly it plays compared to the first! Fix the hitboxes so Chargers don't charge through people and somehow not hit anyone, so the very same doesn't happen with Jockeys, and maybe make the Spitters spit come out lets see...her mouth? Have you ever stood just in front of a doorway and tried to spit? The spit comes out bloody shoulder or something and hits the side!

    I've had bugs like this lose me games many times and it really makes me mad at L4D2. Especially when I can go back to L4D1 and enjoy a miles crisper feeling game where you are only held back by your own cockups, not the games terribad hitboxes.

    But seeing CSS still has crap hitboxes compared to 1.6 and all the previous engine versions, I am not holding my breath for a fix.

    bots will be nice, we where in a dc verses game a few days back and one of our crew went tank botting his hunter i was a smoker pulling a nub to his death and just as i got him to me a servivor came running over he was about to melee me and the botted unter took him out mid swing. the move was so pro that i was looking at the hud to see who it was.
    i hate getting 2 maps in to a campain only to have a horrid rage quit session and once again be thrown back to lobby wating for more ppl
    allso for auto spawn that has to go. there is nothing worse than autospawn in the dc concert.

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