Left 4 Dead 2's Frying Pans Kill A Tank 3 Times Faster Than Shotguns

Granted, this chart assumes the Tank is just standing there taking the abuse. Still, a Steam user found that 10 frying pan hits kill a Tank in nine seconds, compared to 30 blasts from a combat shotgun in 26 seconds.

The forum user, Urik, found that it's not just the frying pan, any melee weapon is a 10-hit kill on a Tank, expert difficulty. You can go all honky-tonk man on him with 10 whacks from the git-tar if you like, which sounds even more absurd (and less durable) than the cookware. I've never done this, probably would never try to do it except as a last resort. I'm betting Tanky-poo, in actuality, makes it take longer than 9 seconds, though.

Left 4 Dead 2: Weapon Effectiveness vs Tank [Hellforge]


    Snap, the six second baton kill?

    Protip: In the event of a police apocalypse, hope you're a cop.

    Id like to meet the guy who can get 10 'whomps' off in 6 seconds when a tank is running at you in a zombie apocalypse... id be soiling my pants in 6 seconds and then doing the Usain Bolt!

    If you get close enough to the tank, the tank is close enough to you.

      Blast! There must be some way around this...

    Yes, but if hes distracted and you are all going for it, one of your teammates might get a little messed up, but BAM hes dead.

    10 hits is a better trade of than not getting hit and being hasstled by SI

    While not having tried downing a tank completely with melee, I've played some games where you get in a hit or two while he's distracted, or to try and distract him from pounding someone else.

    What's of more use for the melee is in taking down a charger. Melee weapons will kill a charger very quickly compared to multiple shots at point blank range when trying to save a team mate.

    I'd be much more useful if they did this chart on 'advanced' difficulty, as that is the setting used in versus mode (and I assume scavenge, too). Still, the results would probably be similar.

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