Left Behind Makers Want Their Christian Games On Wii, Xbox 360

Left Behind Makers Want Their Christian Games On Wii, Xbox 360

In an announcement regarding the state of its business in the past year, the makers of the Left Behind video games say the time is right to bring their brand of Christian games to home consoles.

From Inspired Media Entertainment’s statement about future plans:

Now that the marketplace appears to be ready for more Christian games, our new focus on the Nintendo Wii and XBox 360 for future titles should begin our company’s transformation from a PC game publisher to an all-platform video game producer.

Inspired Media also reported sales success for its Left Behind: Tribulation Forces and Charlie Church Mouse PC games, both of which it said were sold out in Wal-Mart “several days in advance of Christmas”.


  • “both of which it said were sold out in Wal-Mart “several days in advance of Christmas”.”

    I’m sure those kids were wrapped to get them…

  • I wonder how they came to the conclusion that the market needs more christian games? They must have asked and the schizophrenic voice replied.

  • It would be best if we could keep religion out of games all together….. they’re always trying to get a foothold in everything else to warp your minds into believing in their ridiculous fairytale nonsense, and to think that in this day and age of logical thinking that so many people are still befuddled by bullshit just baffles me.

    • There’s only 2 options here.

      1. You’re just trolling, in which case, congrats on having nothing more worthwhile in your life.

      2. You’re just insanely arrogant and really need to get over yourself. You can believe whatever you like about religion, but belittling others for their beliefs is just pathetic and doesn’t speak highly of your contribution to this “age of logical thinking”. I would think logic would dictate respectful cooperation to be a beneficial endeavour in general.

      I hope this has given you pause for thought.

      P.S. I am not Christian, nor to I subscribe to any form of organised religion, though I do like some of the values espoused by some of them (especially the ones shared by most).

        • James… grow up, mate.

          Okay, full disclosure, I was raised in the Baha’i Faith by my mother who was in turn raised Anglican. My wife is Christian, along with most of her extended family. At 15, I chose not to officially align myself with the Baha’i religion as I thought some of the rules were strict enough that I couldn’t honestly believe I would follow them and didn’t want to be a hypocrit.

          Sometimes people can form intelligent opinions without significant bias toward their own situation. Try it sometime.

  • If you want to buy it then do and they’ll keep making them if they’re popular. Fuck the biggots on this comment thread who are screaming about the evils of religion. It’s supply and demand mofos. If there is a demand there will be a supply. It’s as simple as that.


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