LEGO Universe Trailer Is All Good Bricks Vs Bad Bricks

LEGO Universe Trailer Is All Good Bricks Vs Bad Bricks

Here’s a new trailer for Netdevil’s upcoming massively multiplayer online game, LEGO Universe. No gameplay to be seen, sadly, but damned if it’s not getting me excited regardless.


  • Wow, that looks surprisingly awesome. If I get to play as one of those undersea crystal hunters or the blokes from the Ice Planet, I’m sold.

  • i really hope this game lets you play as ‘bad guys’ aswell, because one of the things that made MMO’s such as WoW and Warhmmer so successful was the constant war between the two factions.

    Failing that, it still looks like there will be MASSIVE varitey over what kind of ‘class’ you can play. Waiting to see some actual gameplay footage, however.

  • While it looks amazing, I want more specifics. I got really excited when I watched this morning, but now I’m left wondering… can I build whatever I like? Can I collaboratively built whatever we like? Lots of bricks? Expensive to play? What’s the combat like? etc.

    Until we get answers, and the game is supposed to launch this year, we really should keep our hype regulated closely.

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