Let's Check Out These Blurry DoA Bathing Suits

Dead or Alive is laying off the fighting and heading back to the beach for upcoming PSP game Dead or Alive Paradise.

Like previous Dead or Alive poolside titles, Paradise focuses on volleyball, gambling, ridiculous swimsuits and taking pictures of girls wearing said ridiculous swimsuits.

Besides Kasumi, character Rio will be making an appearance in the game. These blurry pics from the upcoming issue of Japanese game mag Famitsu show what to expect. Check out the gravity on those suits!

And for those who have finally got this song out of their heads, DoA Paradise makes it possible to listen to tunes saved on the PSP's Memory Stick during play.

DoA Paradise will be released in Japan on April 2, 2010. There will be a special Kasumi figurine bundle as well for the game.


    Ridiculous swimsuits? More like ridiculously fappin developers, releasing their personal fan service as a game. Smart, but it's not going to gain them their mother's respect.

    Straight up, why not just go buy porn?

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