Let’s Look At BioShock 2 Preorders And Limited Editions

Let’s Look At BioShock 2 Preorders And Limited Editions

Thinking of picking up BioShock 2 on February 9? Let’s take a look at the preorder deals and limited editions on offer for 2K’s “thinking man’s” shooter.

As is becoming the norm with major releases, different retailers are offering different incentives. So let’s look at what you can get at EB Games, JB Hi-Fi and GAME.

EB Games EB has an exclusive BioShock 2 Special Edition. It retails for $148 on 360 and PS3 and $128 on PC. Inside you’ll find: * 12″ Vinyl LP with BioShock 2 orchestral score * Audio CD with BioShock 2 orchestral score * Three vintage Rapture advertisement posters * BioShock 2 art book, 164 pages and hardcover * BioShock 2 game

Also, if you preorder at EB you’ll score yourself two unlockable multiplayer characters – Arte Blanche the Actress and Ziggo the Fisherman. This applies to either the Special or the standard edition.


GAME 2K has arranged for a second limited edition, the BioShock 2 Rapture Edition, to be sold at GAME. Its RRP is $119.95 on 360 and PS3 and $109.95 on PC, although GAME’s online store currently has all three for $15 off their respective RRPs. It includes: * BioShock 2 game * BioShock 2 art book, 164 pages and hardcover * BioShock 2 slip case

And, exclusive to those preordering the Rapture edition, you’ll get a Little Sister figurine.


JB Hi-Fi The Rapture Edition is also available at JB, containing the same content as found at GAME, listed above. The 360 and PS3 versions are $114.98 and the PC version is $99. JB gets a different preorder bonus though, with a BioShock 2 t-shirt thrown in for free with your Rapture Edition.

So, there you have it. Where will you be getting your BioShock 2?


  • EB Games has my money… though I also have a pre-order at GAME… that little sister figurine (3.75”) will certainly go well with my Big Daddy from the original BioShock…

  • Thank you, David. I was wondering about these yesterday and was going to do the research myself today. Now I don’t have to.

    From what I’ve seen though, the EB Special Edition is the same Special Edition that the rest of the world is getting (possibly except the unlocked characters which I presume will become available to everyone else at some point), ie with vinyl record.

    Tough choice if, like me, you want the Special Edition, figurine *and* tshirt. Guess I’ll have to go hunting and see if the latter two are available to order from overseas.

    • I was thinking of importing, but I would like the vynil. Personally, I do not think that item would survive international shipping so I’ve gone local at *Shudder* EB Games.

  • The Vinyl is useless, not many people have a Vinyl Player.
    Posters are useless, if u really want them just print out a few images.
    Audio CD is useless, u can just play the game to listen to the music
    Art book might be good, but I haven’t seen a good art book with a game in a LONG time.
    The characters are cool however. But I suspect they will be DLC one day.

    As for at game, $94 (PC) and u get the art book and figure ,is cool if u only want the limited. But when CDWow has the game by itself with no extras for $48, then u start to see it’s not worth the extra $40ish. Plus u can buy a little sister/big sister figure set for about $20-30 atm online, and it’s the SAME little sister u get with the Game preorder.

    Just my 2cents

    Then again to be honest I STILL haven’t decided where I want to preorder, CDWow takes about 1-2 weeks to send it to you once its released 😛

    • I second that. Mass Effect 2 (as well as my honours dissertation work) will have my attention for a long time.

      I only picked up Bioshock around Christmas, and while I enjoyed it, it doesn’t make me want to rush out and preorder the sequel. I’ll probably wait until it drops in price at somewhere like K-Mart or Target.

  • I’ll be grabbing it at GAME.
    The little sister figure is made by Neca (Company who are making all of Bioshock 2’s new toys.)
    So they are damn good quality.

    Although… I want that goddamn LP!

  • Game has the best value for money so I had pre ordered that. Who needs a useless vinyl and soundtrack when you can have an awesome figure! The JB HI FI is the worst, just a shirt!

  • Went in a four pack on Steam with someone from the US buying it and it only cost me $37. Take that regional pricing!

    Would like all the cool stuff in the special editions but I’m saving this year!

  • I wanted to get the special edition from EB but ended up getting just the standard edition. I dont need any fancy crap with my game.

    Two things i hate about EB games (or at least my local ones) is that no one who works there have any clue about video games and why are they always about $20 more expensive then any other game shop?

    Lastly if i didnt have an EB gift voucher i used for Bioshock 2 i probably would have gotten the rapture edition from JB Hi-Fi.

  • The wife has said she will buy me the special edition with the figurine to match my Big Daddy figurine from the first game.

    Probably be the PC version but I found out yesterday the it REQUIRES Games For Windows Live which I was hoping to keep off my PC at all costs. Sigh.

  • The thinking mans shooter?

    Does it count if whilst we’re playing Bioshock… we’re thinking about playing something else?

    • Yeah, never quite got the ‘thinking man’s shooter’ thing with Bioshock. A fair number of the plasmids were never used when I played it through, next to no thought was required when choosing tonics, the machine gun and shotgun were pretty much the only weapons I used, and the campaign was remarkably linear.

      Still somewhat fun, though.

  • little sister figurine, mmm tell me more. little sister figurine made by neca? deal. i was looking for preorder bonuses with dante’s inferno, neca have a brilliant dante figure in the USA, the full 7″, but something tells me if we get it, its going to be an EB exclusive, and therefore about $50 overpriced. fingers crossed the figure gets shipped to OZ, neca make quality stuff.

  • Pre-ordered from EB for PC.
    I didn’t get to get any of the posters from that “viral” beach event a while ago, and I think the offer for getting the Vinyl from 2k for (almost) free may be over now. At least the EB Special Edition makes up for it.

  • GAME are a bunch of goddamned liars. I asked them specifically when I did the pre-order if it was the one with the vinyl (which is what I really want, also the posters) and they told me it was.

    Not only that, but they refused to fix my Rock Band drums until I yelled at them for weeks (read, it took 3 months for anything to happen).

    Not impressed.

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