Let's Look At Some More Of Your Darksiders Comics

war pose darksiders compOur Darksiders competition has now closed. But we're not going to announce the winner just yet. Instead, let's check out some more of your fantastic entries.

We asked you to send us a comic: a three-panel comic featuring Darksider's Chaoseater sword and referencing the Apocalypse. The eventual winner will take home a four-foot long replica Chaoseater and a PlayStation 3 console.

We've already shown you several dozen of the entries thus far. So here's a whole bunch more. Click on the thumbs to open a full size version. Will one of these be the winner?


    Wow, I'm glad I didn't enter this - I would have had no chance. Some of these are fantastic - good work guys!

    LOL this is probably the first time i haven't entered a comp either. I saw what everyone was doing and thought - "woah i can't top that wit the time i have i on hand"

    I can't wait to see who wins this - i alreayd have several favorites and that apoca-lips one really tickles my funny bone.

    Good luck everyone!

      Same, and the fact I can't draw for shit.

        I'd say my drawing is safely much worse... my sister stole that gene...

        but you could do other things than drawing... or cheat draw - ie trace in photoshop - good times

          I can honestly barely draw stick figures.

          I could cheat, but I'd feel good then I'd have remorse from taking away a prize from someone who worked 2-3 weeks to draw theirs.

            Eeeveryone can draw! I don't believe there's such a thing as a natural drawer, it takes work.

            I'll prove it to you: find a picture of somebody's (anybody's) face and try and draw it. Then turn that image upside-down and try again. You'll notice you'll be a lot better when the picture is upside down. I'm not kidding, try it! It's all about how you 'see' not how you control your hands.

    Ten points to nick p for the Battle Chasers inclusion

    Some great entries all, the quality is awesome. Worth the 'clicks' if you have the time.

    I'm glad I'm not judging David.

    man, some awesome entries here. they put mine to shame haha

    Did you get mine David? I sent it about an hour and a half before midnight last night :P

    I'm so proud of all the MS Paint entries

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