Let's Play Atkinson Interview Bingo!

We've noticed that whenever he talks about video game classification, Michael Atkinson hammers on the same stock phrases again and again: vulnerable adults, depraved sex, extreme violence. You've noticed it, too.

Gamers 4 Croydon have noticed it. So they've decided to make a game out of it. And we can all play along!

Over on the Gamers 4 Croydon website, you can download four Atkinson Interview Bingo sheets. Each features a five-by-five grid full of various words the censorship minister uses all the time. To play, just listen to an interview he's given on the topic of classification and cross off the phrases as you hear them. First person to complete a line wins!

Check out one of the bingo cards below and then download the rest from the G4C site. I'd recommend starting with this recent Radio National interview.

Interview Bingo! [Gamers 4 Croydon]


    I have to hand it for Gamers4Croydon, what looked like a knee-jerk reaction has actually handled itself quite well, and might actually make a difference. Bravo guys, keep it up!

    That is awesome.

    And a new(ish) photo to go with it!

    Now that is bloody priceless!

    I’m glad they decided to change the logo, the last one looked weird, (not a lot of people know what the outline of Croydon looks like). This is awesome, I’ll play this with the interview he gave on Gamespot AU some time ago, and I’ll be buying a G4C t-shirt.

      That green one should probably be changed though, anyone else think it looks a tad drug related?

        It's meant to be a Wind turbine. In order : Gaming, Environment, Money and Family.

          you nitwits why the hell is money before family?

    Obligatory "I think this just gives them ammo for the debate" comment.

    I, however think this is awesome.

    A politician repeating the same thing over and over in order to generate sound-bites, and consequently air time?! Who'da thunk it?!

    Seriously though, it's a good way to highlight this cynical, onerous behavior.

      *crosses fingers and hopes someone makes a song out of words he says in the fashion of Pauline PantsDown or "A series of tubes" by Ted Stevens*
      That'll learn him :)

        The Chaser's Re:Kevin Rudd's "In due season" comes to mind too ;)

    You sunk my battleship :(

      You better believe that's a paddling!

    You forgot RapeLay

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