Let's Watch The Resonance Of Fate's Opening Movie

Let's! The tri-Ace developed, SEGA published role-playing game won't be released in Japan until January 28, but don't tell the internet.

The game's opening movie, complete with beautiful hair animation, has leaked online. You can watch it right now. In Japanese. The game won't be released in English until it hits North America this coming March.

The Japanese title for the game is End of Eternity.


    played the demo for this, so keen!

      Really? I played the demo and was just confused.
      Obviously it didn't help that it's in Japanese, but my characters jumping around and shooting was at least good for a laugh...

    In before End of Eternity
    .... oh wait

    Too much like Silmeria? The background and everything looks exactly the same (even the sound!)

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