LG's Newest HDTVs Claim "Wii-like" Control Experience

How can television manufacturer LG Electronics make its latest batch of big black rectangles stand apart from the crowd? While CES is full of bigger-than-last-year TVs and high-def 3D displays, it's LG's new "Magic Wand" that intrigues us.

The TV maker says that its new LE9500 and PK950 sets "incorporate a unique 'Magic Wand' remote system that provides an immersive interaction with the set". The interface "brings together menus, component controls and even embedded games, which can be accessed using a simple remote that combines minimal buttons and gestures to control the on-screen activity, mirroring a 'Wii-like' experience".

That would mean the circle is now complete, is it not? The Wii Remote, inspired by the television remote, has become the inspiration for a new way to control our high-def displays.

We've seen more than our share of motion control attempts at CES, few of them something we'd prefer to use outside of a convention centre. But we'll be hitting up LG's booth to see if we can experience the "magic" of controlling a television this way later this week.



    I think I smell a patent law suit coming from Nintendo.

    Why bother?, the TV remote hasn’t really changed since it was invented, and for good reason, it works perfectly fine. Does this mean that you have to point the remote right at the TV to change channel or up the volume?. I can’t see this taking off for TV’s, but it’s nice to see some companies outside of video games are taking note of Nintendo’s giant pile of money.

    Its a tv. Does it really need a wand/remote thing?
    All you do is change channels and volume, even that only takes a couple of button presses.

    If tv's must incorporate this sort of thing then it needs to be like the Xbox Natal. That way, even if you lose the remote, you can still just wave your arms around to change channel.

      I can only imagine someone laid back on the lounge and in one of those "really cannot be f'd moving" moods and waving their arms. Nothing happens. Wave it again. Nothing happens. Waves them like a child not getting their way. Nothing happens. Fail - and they're then forced to watch those late-night SHAM WOW adverts.

    In all honesty, i could only see this annoying me. The Wii Remote is a god dam hassle to use when trying to select things from the menu, so unless this is done really well, i think i'll just pass

    I would rather press a button to change channel than swing my remote to change channel....

    Probarbly just so people can get off the idea of LG (Lucky if it Goes)

    I think a lot of you guys are missing the big picture. This remote is useful because TV's will no longer be just TV's anymore. You will have widgets and ethernet ports allowing internet connectivity. It will deliver user friendly content and services on a very easy to use UI.

    This is just the beginning.

    There is only one thing more annoying that batteries running out on your Wii controller, that is batteries running out for your TV's remote.

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