LunchTimeWaster: Juuuuuuuuump!

Here's some ridiculous nonsense for you. In Death Game, all you have to do is jump out of the way of an oncoming train. Succeed and you'll find out how near the train was. Fail and you'll be splattered across the tracks.

Like so.

So it's all about waiting until the very last moment before you hit the jump button. I actually found it easier to not look at the screen and instead rely on timing my jump to the sound of the train. Still, I struggled to get the distance lower than 227cm away.

What's your best?

Death Game [Gameshot]


    Ha! I got -137cm away... beat that.

    I scored 1337cm and stopped.

    Amusing all the same - I think there's about a 6 second delay before it gets there, or at least that's what I counted.

    I died 4 times, then got a 77cm and called it quits :D Fluke, but I am sticking to it.

    Don't let Atkinson see that game, he'll say that it encourages people to play on the train tracks and is dangerous to society...

    I got 97 but i think I broke my nerves, I'm going to be jumpy for the next month I'm reckoning.

    I got -23, not joking. Game's buggy, just keep pressing the jump button after you've already jumped to get it really low. (below 0 even)

      -1003 this time :P

    53 is my best legitimate time.

    31 on a buggy touchpad laptop... crazy lag included.

    "u have to >>>>die<<<< is jump out of the way of an oncoming train. Succeed and you’ll"

    Am i missing something? is this some pun i cannot fathom or is it typo cause it hurt my head when i read it.


        Your Fast! :D

    The sound effects in this game are awful, however, my first try got 187cm...

    First try on normal difficulty 77cm

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