LunchTimeWaster: Let's Take A Walk In The Black Forest

The Black Forest consists of a series of four Flash games, starring a black square with two white dots for eyes. Each game revolves around the same gameplay mechanic applied in drastically different fashion.

Your black square - or ghost, as the designer Pixelate credits him - can only move via the arrow keys. In the first game, he's trying to find his way out of a pitch dark maze. He finds help from the red ghosts who, once encountered, will highlight the path as they randomly patrol the maze. If further fleshed out, I could see this being developed into a neat little puzzle game.

Game 2, pictured, sees you piggybacking the jumping pink ghosts to reach the higher platforms and collect the diamonds.

Have a play with all four and let me know which one you like the most.

The Black Forest 1 [Kongregate] The Black Forest 2 [Kongregate] The Black Forest 3 [Kongregate] The Black Forest 4 [Kongregate]


    Damn, and I was hoping this would have something to do with cake :(

      3-4 is quite hard...
      Wish I learnt an instrument...

      I thought it was gonna be something to do with hosting a pirate radio station in international waters.

        Glad someone got the reference.

    1. was really cool.
    2. was better, but didnt have the same crazy music so i was a little disappointed.
    3. was meh. I like music, but not that much.
    4. wasn't really a game. More of an attempt at interactive art i guess, 'coz it's far too easy to call a game.

    i think 1 was the best one, just 'coz of the music.

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