LunchTimeWaster: Little Civilization People

Real-time strategy games can be awfully complex. Here, we find the RTS genre reduced to its bare essentials, creating one maddeningly addictive game.

Civilization Wars presents a one-screen map dotted with buildings. Your base is at the top right; the enemy's HQ at the bottom left. Between the two lies a network of resource nodes - some producing crystals, others more units - the capture of which extends your reach across the map.

All you do is click on buildings to move your units between them, so the strategy comes from juggling resources quickly and effectively. Actually, you can assist things with a range of spells, but for the most part it's all about ensuring you've got enough people in the right spot to secure your territory.

You might stick around longer than your lunch break for this one.

Civilizations Wars [Kongregate]


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