LunchTimeWaster: Pong For Fascists

You think you've seen good old Pong subverted in every possible way by now? Think again.

Click the link below. You'll work it out.

Gnop [Bit Battalion]


    Nice find, interesting to say the least.

    A Bungie game!

    ""Bungie" released a Pong clone (nearly 20 years after the original, mind you) called Gnop!"

      It was originally made as a clone for the mac.

      And Bungie's game is called "Gnop!" not "Gnop", so it's ok :P

    Can you go left? i didn't try lol

    Got up to 'Be Gone' and wasn't sure what to do.

    "Be Gone" is the second last, I think you need to get it first go or you won't get it at all, intentionally miss the return to go back, then go forward again, maybe?

    Fun for 2 minutes.

    Stuck on This Is The Easy Side.. ??

    Never mind. Got it lol.

    In pong, ball is you!

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