LunchTimeWaster: This Is Very Very Very Very Very Very Good

Terry Cavanagh is responsible for some of the most intriguing indie games of recent times: Judith, Pathways and Don't Look Back, to name a few. To that list we can add VVVVVV.

The six titular Vs refer to Viridian, Violet, Vitellary, Vermilion, Verdigris and Victoria, the crew of a spaceship involved in a teleportation mishap that results in them being separated throughout space. You play as Viridian and have to explore your new surroundings and find your way back to your ship to reunite with your crew.

Essentially, VVVVVV is a tough 2D platformer with an unusual "flip" mechanic - hit spacebar to switch between walking on the floor and the ceiling (it's in space, after all!) - and a surprisingly engrossing story.

There's a two-level demo to sample at Kongregate, while the full version can be purhcased from Terry's site. I thoroughly recommend it.

VVVVVV Demo [Kongregate] VVVVVV Official site [TheLetterVSixTimes]


    I decided I might as well give the demo a shot, sat there and played through it all, then went and bought it. This is a very awesome game, I know what I am doing tonight.

    unusual? Every second physics based game uses that mechanic, there are hundreds on the web. IMO wasn't that fun, nice graphical style though

    Great game, took a look at it after downloading the demo through Steam, which was surprisingly small, and the demo was great! I mean, the physics could be touched up, but still a great game! After playing the demo, I bought the game off Steam, and now I play it all the time!

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