LunchTimeWaster: This Tetris Will Make You Spew

There's no question this will make you spew. The only issue is how long you can last.

First-Person Tetris isn't, as you might think, a 3D version of Tetris viewed from a first-person perspective. Rather, it prioritises the perspective of each falling block so that, when you rotate, the block stays still and the entire well flips through ninety degrees. It's supremely disorienting.

I played long enough to clear one line before my head started spinning and I needed to lie down.

First-Person Tetris [site]


    I think my eyes just threw up.

    Hmmm i could use this to my advantage and get the rest of the afternoon off sick. Perfect! Muahahahahaha *strokes white cat*

    Good God. I lasted maybe 5 seconds. *Spews*

    Stephen Totilo already posted this one early today.

      I've been out of the office all morning, so I'd already scheduled this post before I saw Stephen's. Oh well. Still, it's more fun playing it while eating your lunch!

        Hell yes! Thanks anyway David Wildgoose. If that is your real name...

    You guys are wusses.
    I only lost because I suck at Tetris. 6000 points or something, and not any closer to puking.

    I managed to last up to 624 pts before getting a headache


    I played this for ages. It's fun!

    my head hurts and i feel sick... :(

    My head started hurting only when I got near the top and the damn I piece wouldnt drop :(

    I'm with Karachi King. Do you guys all get travel sick as well.

    I played for a few minutes and no headache or nausea. It felt really wierd though playing tetris like that.

    And Karachi, if you think you suck at tetris only getting 6000 I must really suck coz I had three goes and my highest score was 180. I'm way better at normal tetris though. The rotating screen makes it so much harder.

    Oh and I forgot to mention, I ate a peanut butter sandwich like 2 minutes before I played and still didn't feel sick.

    Thats cool, It's interesting how some people can cope with the disorientation and others can't.

    I was still on Level 01 with 18 lines.. score: 001240. I got to the top of the screen and lost, without feeling uneasy.. Although if I had played longer, I'dve felt a bit dizzy with the screen turning, but not actually suck. Interesting take on Tetris :)

      I meant "sick".. blasted errors. Sorry for double posting, I just "had" to correct myself.

    I don't think this one is that big a deal didn't make me feel queasy in the slightest. I got bored after 20 minutes though. It is just tetris after all :)

    I didn't feel dizzy at all playing this. I eventually just lost because I fail at Tetris.

    680 on first go. A little woosy, but riding on a Gravitron does me in. Stop whining! You lack discipline!

    I felt mighty fine, though it was hard to play it that way.

    Huh. I think I'm immune. I played for an hour and a half and didn't feel a thing. Except maybe hungry.

    Top score for me was 10080.

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