LunchTimeWaster: Where Are All The Monsters?

So I logged into this browser based MMO, named my character (Nigel), picked my class (Warrior), and sallied forth in search of adventure. But where are all the monsters?

Realm of the Mad God looks neat. I mean, just look at it! How could you not want to play something that looks like that?

But I couldn't find much to do except explore the map. I circumnavigated the land mass, sticking mainly to the beach, and encountered plenty of other players. But no enemies.

Perplexed, I logged out. So I'm throwing it open to you, my keen role-playing readers, to band together and discover precisely what this game is all about. Good luck!

Realm of the Mad God [site]


    David, I think your problem was in your character's name. Everyone knows Nigel has no friends...

      I didn't want friends though, I wanted enemies!

        Nigel No Enemies?
        Doesnt have the same ring to it.

        Ahh... but in these RPGs you must place yourself in the role of others! Perhaps they wanted a friend?

        You need to pretend to be friendly so they come out to play... then you can proceed to bludgeon them senseless with the nearest treebranch, rolling pin or zombie limb... whatever is handy really.

        I had to walk for ages before I found any mobs.. Then they all jumped around as the game lagged like crazy. THen I died.

        You might need to use the test server to get any mobs if people have killed them on the main server.


    I believe there is X number of monsters in the game, once they are all dead the game possibly resets.

    The Mad God kept annoucing that there was e.g. 1400 monsters left protecting him and so on.

    Im about to blow your mind. What were the monster?


      "... And then John was a Zombie."

      Reference for the confused:

        nope.... still confused!

    Hi all. We think the "where are the monsters?" issue is mostly resolved now. Give it another try at:

    and tell us what you think over at the TIGSource Assemblee competition thread:

    Thanks for playing!

    Rob & Alex, Wild Shadow Studios

      Thanks Rob, I'll check it out again.

    Gave the game a crack. Had to say, was quite pleasant. Found some people, chatted, helped. We delved deeper into the center of the island, finding nothing but more mysterious blocks. Then found a giant white serpent and i died immediately.

    Thinking "Oh my fault, need to power level a little longer than an hour" before getting there, respawned. I was greeted by not one, not two, but atleast 8 of the same sort of enemy - massive, firing tonnes of shots at me. This happened on several respawns. Eventually i got away, but due to crappy internet connection was effectively at a blockade that is the black area of unloaded map (not the game designers fault).

    Eventually i just gave up, 'coz the strong monsters just camped at all the respawn points.

    Would've left feedback on their designated page, but the link was not loading.

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