Mad Catz Shapeshifting Gaming Mouse

Sold under Mad Catz' Saitek brand, the Cyborg R.A.T. 9 is a pretty mean looking little gaming mouse. In this video we have a Mad Catz rep walk us through the controller's shapeshifting ability.


    i wouldnt buy it but theyve put alot of thought into it.

    i think this will be a failure like the logitek G9..

    sell well be ultimatly flawed

    i have a friend who lost all the grips for his! ha

      Well then you obviously have not used alot of gaming peripherals, and probably use one reviewer or friend as your perspective.

    More than meets the eye...

    The video finally loads and kotaku refreshes. turn that crap off.

    I find it look good to play with, like lego.
    And having most of top of the range Logitech and Razer, I end up using G9 now, suit me perfectly.

    This to me looks like a lot of unnecessary weight added.

    Is it just me, or does no one else like a light-weight mouse? The G5 never really appealed to me because I couldn't understand why on earth you would want to ADD weight to your mouse!? And after borrowing a mates for a while to try, I quickly removed them from it.

    I suppose it comes down to the type of grip you use, I'm currently using a Lachesis, and tend to use a combination of fingertip (claw) and palm to control it. I've found it pretty much perfect for that, although I wouldn't mind it a fraction lighter...

      i'm the opposite in mouse weight. i like a heavy mouse. i have strong fingers and such and hate it when i tiny movement disrupts my aiming/control etc. i stack as much weight as possible as i can into mine...

        I can understand that, as I also had that problem when trying to be accurate sometimes. It's also why I'd probably hate to have a tiny or featherweight of a mouse. But it's taught me to use the on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment buttons for different purposes (aka sniper vs soldier in TF2). I just turn it down when I need to, and those little clicks and movements hardly disrupt it then.

    g'day i received your rat 9 mouse 2 months ago and only used it twice
    and i notice that one of the battery is faulty and i was wondering if i
    could by a replacement battery...

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