MAG Beta Off To A Rocky Start

Zipper Interactive has launched the promised open beta test for the PlayStation 3's MAG, but early server issues are causing frustration for players unable to connect.

Judging by the comments posted in the PlayStation blog entry by Zipper's senior community manager Jeremy Dunham, many players have already had a chance to log in and go a few rounds in the Massive Action Game beta, but later commentors and some of our own tipsters report that they cannot connect to the game at all. Dunham addresses the issues in his replies to commenters, stating that they are working to fix a "server hiccup".

Dunham's most recent reply, posted a half-hour before this post went live, explains that, "Yes, we're having a server issue at the moment" and "We are in the midst of fixing it", urging players to "Hang in there."

In case his message is not clear, I've prepared a visual aid.

MAG Beta Starts Today [PlayStation Blog]


    This is prefect and so fucking glad they have done a final completely open Beta. Played in a few of previous ones and I like the game, it has alot of promise.

    Though the previous Betas were limited by number of users, reduced game sizes, etc... and from that the game went gold and it was ready for retail.

    If they didn't have this Beta, these issues now would have been the Day 1 problems and everyone would much rather a hassle free game launch. This will also probably be the first real server load test as well.

    I was in the earlier betas, removed it from my PS3 recently but didn't have any problems. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing, as it's looking like a day 1 purchase.

    "but early server issues are causing frustration for players unable to connect."

    Well thats what BETAs are for.

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