MAG Makers Call Xbox Live "More Juvenile" Than PSN

One would expect the developer behind a PS3 exclusive with an enormous online component to talk up the PlayStation Network. Ben Jones of Zipper Interactive went a smidge further, calling Xbox Live the "more juvenile" of the two services.

Jones, speaking to GamerZines at an event in London, praised PSNers for being more willing to communicate and organise to achieve a goal. Xbox Live players, he said, are a bit less sophisticated.

"I actually consider Xbox Live the more juvenile of the two," he said, on account of "the things that are being said over Xbox Live."

As for cooperative gaming on PSN, Jones says he saw it at its best during the MAG betas over the past few months. "We've got an audience that's willing to communicate and willing to organise and structure, and help other people to play the game," he said. "That's the most remarkable thing that I saw in the beta - random people helping other players along to try and familiarise themselves with this really cool experience."

Zipper: Xbox Live 'More Juvenile' than PSN [Gamerzines]


    And the floodgates have been released... again.

    I kind of agree with what he is saying. In my own experiences on both networks I've found that on Xbox Live I don't listen to voice chat in games due to the shear amount of and rage that flows. Whether directed at myself or others I just don't enjoy having a 13 year old scream bloody murder in my ear when I'm trying to relax and game.

    On the PSN side, I find myself scrambling to chuck my headset in just to be able to hear the team communications.

      Pretty much this. On the PSN I've seen a lot of communication and teamwork going on, but on XBL, I never have. Not in a single game. Just general conversation and trash-talking.

        I've been playing a lot of MW2 on PSN these past few weeks and all I hear on the voice chat is one of the following, or a combination:

        -Whiny 13 year olds singing R'n'B with their glass-cutting voices, pretty sure they do it on purpose to annoy people.
        -MASSIVE trash talking/swearing (which doesn't offend me coz it's never directed at me, actually pretty funny how many times two guys can call each other gay in one round of TDM).
        -People losing calling the leaders of the round campers at the end of a round.

        ...aaaand that's about it.
        Not once have I heard any co-operative talk at all.
        At. All.
        I have my mike sitting on a stand waiting to be used, but it's only used when I'm playing with friends and we just crack jokes the whole time.

    If PSN had as many players as xbox live then it would also have those people he described. But lucky for him there is only 47 people on PSN.

      I lold. TBH, I think if we removed the Americans from XBL then the conversation would improve ten fold.

      Exactly. Wait until PSN has a smiliar user base, and the communications actually work.. you'll have the exact same thing. Welcome to online gaming, people.

    “the things that are being said over Xbox Live.”
    At least things are said over XBL, ZING!

    a long time ago

    in a galaxy far far away


    Amusing. From a 360 user, I gotta agree with him. A lot of people on Live are just idiotic. The only time I use voice is when playing with people I know, otherwise I just mute them.

    Its because the 360 has been more popular with the Headset voice over accesory in the West, inevitably youll pick up a few under educated drivel mouths who basically vomit at the rest of the online community.

    Funnily enough, the only person I know who gets abusive behind the headset is the only person I know who was enough of a Sony fan to buy a PS3 over a 360.

    Anyway, MAG isn't exactly the place to be measuring the amount of smack talk going on. Its pretty pointless to even try to smack talk on it. What are you going to do? Psych out your own team-mates?

      Haha that last comment made me laugh. Also a fair point as well.

    Cause the PSN gamers know if they trash talk, they're gonna have no one else to game with. Being nice isn't a choice, its mandatory.

    It's a bit sad coming from someone like that really. Especially from a developer whos creating a game for the PS3 only. Ah well, need some sort of promotion i guess.

    No one on the PSN has a headset, so you can't hear what anyone is saying anyway.

    There are alot of obnoxious kids on Xbox live, but I also encounter alot of mature people who are very serious about working together in team based games. Saying that Xbox live is full of kids is just a blanket generalisation.

    I would have thought it would be worse on PSN..being free and all means anyone can access it and you would get a lot of randoms. If you're paying a montly fee (lol..) then you're doing it because you really want to game.

      Mum and Dad pay for it.

    I'm sorry, but if you're interested enough in MAG to be involved in the open beta, of course you're going to be a helpful and encouraging player. That environment is hardly a litmus test for the entire platform.

    XBL is a doofus-magnet. Trash talking yanks who believe that unless your talking 'street' or ragging on someone that you shouldnt talk at all.

    Its frustrating to sit there and listen to some 15yo talking about his 'whack' day and how some bloke at school is a 'fag'.

    I had an incident where my 8yo brother was trying to ask for some help and advice on playing GoW on XBL one day and a bunch of blokes decided to rag on him rather than help him... the up side is that he now canes people on xbl, especially at GoW:2

      Why the hell, is your EIGHT YEAR OLD brother even allowed to play Gears!!!

        And this is just another reason why we need an R18+ in our games - to help keep mature games only for "mature" gamers!

    I haven't played on PSN before, but it can't possibly be worse than most of the time I've spent on Live so I'm willing to believe this.

    I HATE screamers on live. Ive never had that problem on PSN so im actually glad PS3 is over priced and more of an adult thing. Ive had some wonderful co op adventures in RE5 with a bunch or people.


      ...goddamn it

    As an XBL user and fan of the console and service, I have to be honest and say that it is God awful out there. I'm sick of the abuse, homophobia, racial slurs, rage and threats. It is out of control and as a gamer I'm not there to put up with that. This article is right, XBL is (and always has been when you think about it) a really childish experience. People complained when they Wii'ed up the 360 with kiddy Avatars, when really it already was for t(w)eens. I need to game with gamers not little kids. I think it is time to trade in my Xbox for a PS3. Sure the service is free and maybe not as good, but as a gamer, I'm need to move on to a console and service aimed at my age group. It's been a very average experience gaming with you all.


    GT= L3XXY

      "I have to be honest and say that it is God awful out there. I’m sick of the abuse, homophobia, racial slurs, rage and threats. It is out of control and as a gamer I’m not there to put up with that. This article is right, XBL is (and always has been when you think about it) a really childish experience."

      Sorry dude but it's absolutely no different to Counterstrike 10 years ago. It was bad enough back then being called a fag, a C, an Fing C, a this, a that, it's not whether its Xbox Live, or PSN, or pc gaming via the Internet 10 years ago with Counterstrike... it's the absence of personal responsibility and repercussion.

      If you were sitting in a room with strangers and everyone was within arms reach, theres NO WAY you'd scream 'FAG!' to say, a six foot, 120 kilo dude sitting across from you if you were a little kid.

      This guy saying XBL is juvenile? Sorry dude, get back to me when PSN has the infrastructure that XBL has (And no, it does NOT have the chat infrastructure that XBL has at this point) and when it does, and when it's being used as frequently as XBL's, tell me it isn't being abused as much as XBL's. If you give me any other answer than 'Oh well, there's assholes everywhere and they're on PSN as well.' then you're a lying fucking douche.

    No american would by a PS3, just for trolling. its too expensive for what they just want.
    I see what he is saying, there are so many damm kids on xbox

    Kids = xbox
    Adults = PS
    Fools = Wii

      you got no idea dude.....

      xbox = Quality online service, awesome games
      PS3 = Crappy online service, minimal good games
      Wii = Fun but in short bursts

        thats a totally different comparison which has nothing to do with Nicholas' comments....

        but personally, I don't like xbox games. Sure its got good games, but we have to talk exclusives to really compare. Only stuff I really want exclusive to xbox is Splinter Cell Conviction.

        On PS3, next on my list is Demons Souls, Heavy Rain, and God of War 3.

    Seeing as you get a headset for your xbox whenever you buy any accessory. Camera, controller, you name it... It's pretty obvious that a lot of people are going to be dipshits. PSN seems more for people who really have no idea what online gaming is meant to be. They just buy a ps3 because they liked the ps2 and then they see it has online and go "hey maybe that will be fun"...

    Or possibly due to the online fees, one would want to juice as much value as they can.

    The VERY FIRST TIME I logged into Xbox Live and got into a game of Halo 3, some kid called me gay. No provocation. I just entered the lobby. And he calls me gay just like that.

    I turned off voice chat afterwards.

    You get the good with the bad, yes there's alot of trash talk but at least people reguarly talk on XBL, you get mature adults and immature adults.
    Team versus on Left 4 Dead can be the best example when adults group together and organise themselves against the hoards of undead. That experience of teamwork will not be trumped MAG.

    PS3 has these users, but their PS3 doesn't come with a headset. Go figure.

    I think he brings up a vaild point. Maybe there's reasoning behind the behaviour (as I myself have been firsthand witness to snobby kids on XBL, but I've also had my share of it on PSN, just not as much).

    People have to pay to play online with XBL, so maybe theres the elitest factor in there? "Hey I *PAID* for this, so I'm (naturally) way cooler/better/more awesome than you and can do what I want, because I paid for it!"

    Think of it what you will.

    If there were as many people on the PSN as there are on Xbox Live, I have no doubt at all it would be exactly the same.

    Wow, that dude obviously never played Killzone 2 with the fools I always seemed to get matched up with. This is nothing but petty mud slinging, desperately trying to get some attention for arguably the most poorly executed good idea ever.

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