MAG Makers Call Xbox Live "More Juvenile" Than PSN

One would expect the developer behind a PS3 exclusive with an enormous online component to talk up the PlayStation Network. Ben Jones of Zipper Interactive went a smidge further, calling Xbox Live the "more juvenile" of the two services.

Jones, speaking to GamerZines at an event in London, praised PSNers for being more willing to communicate and organise to achieve a goal. Xbox Live players, he said, are a bit less sophisticated.

"I actually consider Xbox Live the more juvenile of the two," he said, on account of "the things that are being said over Xbox Live."

As for cooperative gaming on PSN, Jones says he saw it at its best during the MAG betas over the past few months. "We've got an audience that's willing to communicate and willing to organise and structure, and help other people to play the game," he said. "That's the most remarkable thing that I saw in the beta - random people helping other players along to try and familiarise themselves with this really cool experience."

Zipper: Xbox Live 'More Juvenile' than PSN [Gamerzines]


    I agree totally with this, everytime I'm on xbox live there's always people arguing about crap. It's still funny to listen to though, just like some of the wankers that argue when playing Team Fortress 2.

    I would be interested to know, in the balance of things, how the PC would stack up against the consoles online services in terms of sound rage. Counterstrike, anyone? ;p

    to be honest I enjoy the chatter on XBL ... where else can you hear an american teenager screamer at there parents for a sandwhich with mic fully open

    My experience: its Americans most of the time starting a fight or mouthing everyone. Not to say it's only Americans. I've heard plenty of Aussies starting fights, mainly my cousin.

    I do agree with that aswell, to be honest I had more of a better experience playing a game over PSN compared to Live. Although I really just think how the consoles are really marketed in a way, alot of people buy 360's for the online experience which is going to attract the kiddies if they want to go online and start raging at microphones, Sony hasn't really pushed the PS3 as an Online Gaming system compared to Microsoft.

    Wow, didnt realise I had accidentally fallen into the Xbox troll forum... But I do believe that it is the users that generate the online experience. XBL atm has more users, and more penetration (hehe) of the headset. $30 vs the Bluetooth $75 helps. There are wankers on both, just more noticeable on XBL since more wankers have chat. The worst in my experience are Yanks generally- whingeing and trashtalking, and young Poms playing shithouse Garage music in background. Nothing makes me enable the Mute quicker. Often on MW2 (PSN), there are a lot of Aussies who really participate and get teamwork going, but thats mateship for you...

    Ive got both and I can say that out of the two consoles one can easily say Xbox might be more juvenile but thats because there simply more people with a mic rather then the PSN.
    If you want maturity online youve got to be lucky or join a clan or so experience has led me to beleive

    I have both a ps3 and xbox 360 and I enjoy playing them both. But you know what my issue is with the playstation? It's that it doesn't come with a mic so I don't know how having 256 players with a mic all communicating when there is usually like 1 or 2 people with a mic while playing cod.

    When I played the beta it was just one bug kill fest with no coordination(I presume no mics?) so I don't know what this guy is saying about helping each other out. If hes talking about on forums I've seen plenty of 360 games where people are helping each other out also.

    Team Fortress 2 on the pc: people bitching, racial slurs, the whole 9 yards.

    Counter Strike Source: people bitching, racial slurts, the whole 9 yards.

    ... xbox isnt any more juvenile than any other system, its just the availability of a headset.

    Since XBL comes bundled with a headset, every tom, dick and harry has one, the pc also has either a free headset or quite cheap headsets where as with the PS3, you have to go out and buy it seperately.

    so instead of getting every tom, dick and harry screaching about being gay, you have the people who want to talk to people co operatively.

    Its a pretty poor argument to assume that the xbox or any console is more juvenile without taking into consideration availabilty of headsets or any form of survey to find the consoles average age range.

    Take 1000 xbox gamers and give them headsets and set them out into live and then take 1000 ps3 gamers and give them headsets and set them out into psn. Both groups are going to talk trash, both groups are going to argue over racial issues, etc.

    I have both consoles and I do prefer the 360 soley because of live, the PS3 chat is not the best I have 3 different headsets and all work the same massive delay and echo when u do chat also when you make the adjustments for the headset you either make it 2 sesitive or not sensitive enough but the MAG beta is alot of fun and I prob will pick it up but when I have the choice of same game on either platform I will always go for the 360 version.

    1. PSN is shit at the moment
    2. It has about 50 people on it
    3. 5 of those have a headset.
    4. it's easy for people who don't have XBL to bag it when it's clearly the best service available.

    Yes, there is a lot of trash talk but with millions of users, why is that suprising? PSN will do exactly the same when/if numbers build up to XBL size, and the developers of MAG should know this. That kind of comment really makes them look like pathetic PS3 fanboys.

    I have the PS3, Wii and 360 and I can tell you, as everyone else who owns all three, XBL is the best service of all three systems, hands down.

    Yeah but there's a lot more people on the xbox 360, if ps3 had as many numbers, then we'd see pretty much the same thing

    PSN: Our community is way better then yours.
    XBL: No way ass hole, ours is da best!

    Sounds like it's pretty much the same to me...

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