Mass Effect 2 Debuts In Mass Effect: Redemption

The first issue of Dark Horse's Mass Effect: Redemption comic have hit store shelves, giving fans their first look at new locations and characters that will play a big role in Mass Effect 2. Let's see what's new!

Mass Effect: Redemption is a prequel of sorts to Mass Effect 2. In the first issue, Shepard's blue-skinned potential love interest from the first game, Dr. Liara T'Soni, trying to determine the ultimate fate of the galaxy's only human Spectre.

Dark Horse editor Dave Marshall explains that Redemption is much more than a throwaway comic tie-in. "As you know, Mac Walters, the lead writer on Mass Effect 2, penned the story of Mass Effect: Redemption, and he integrated the comic directly into the events of the game. Because of this, while there have been trailers and screenshots and the like teasing at new characters and locations in Mass Effect 2, the comic is the first time many of them are seen in the actual context of the overall Mass Effect story."

Dave walked me through some of the Mass Effect 2 first appearances occurring in Redemption.

Omega Station

While Shepard's new companion Thane is a Drell, our first look at the new species in action comes by way of Mass Effect: Redemption's Feron. Feron aids Liara as she searches for clues to Shepard's ultimate fate.

The Blue Suns

This mysterious mercenary group jumps Liara and Feron as they continue their search. Not much is revealed about the group in the comic, but screens from Mass Effect 2 have shown Shepard shooting it out with them.


This member of the Cerberus organisation confronts Liara in the comic, offering knowledge of Shepard's whereabouts. She'll be another member of Shepard's team in Mass Effect 2, and knowing BioWare, you'll probably be able to sleep with her.

The Illusive Man

The mysterious leader of the Cerberus organisation appears in the first issue, making Liara an offer she can't refuse.

The Collectors

The new villains of Mass Effect 2, The Collectors want Shepard, and they're willing to do anything to get him.

Hell, everyone wants Shepard, but there's not enough of him to go around. Get your first look at Mass Effect 2 by picking up the first issue of Mass Effect Redemption, available wherever fine Dark Horse comics are sold.


    The first issue is also included in the collectors edition ...

    Got it, read it... It's bloody short and nothing happens.

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