Mass Effect 2 Gets An Xbox 360 Console Bundle

Mass Effect 2 Gets An Xbox 360 Console Bundle

Mass Effect 2 Gets An Xbox 360 Console BundleMicrosoft has announced a new Xbox 360 console bundle to coincide with next week’s launch of Bioware RPG Mass Effect 2.

Like last year’s Modern Warfare 2 bundle, the Mass Effect 2 bundle retails for $599 RRP and includes:

* The Xbox 360 Elite console * A 250GB hard drive * Two wireless black controllers * A wired headset * And a copy of the game

Unlike the Modern Warfare 2 console, however, which featured some Modern Warfare 2 styled etching on the case, the Mass Effect 2 bundle is just a regular black Elite, albeit with a larger hard drive.

It’s a limited edition and will be available at “participating retailers” from January 28.

Who’s tempted?


  • Theres not much limited edition about it if its just a big hdd. So if u dont buy a bundle now, the only thing u cant get in 1 years time is the 360 box with ME2 art lol. Boring bundle.

    • Well, it’s a limited edition because it’s the only way to get a 250GB hard drive. You cannot buy them separately.

      But yes, it’s a shame there is no Mass Effect art on the console.

  • The main price thing here is the extra controller and the hard drive. Me thinks Microsoft is holding off formally announcing the 250gb HDD as an addon for as long as possible to keep flogging these “limited edition” console bundles.

    It also bugs me how Microsoft didn’t try and one-up Sony and make the new HDD a terabyte (or even half of one). With them touting XBLA and DLC, they should be embracing the bigger storage. But this’ll probably come under their “Make-Them-Buy-Small-Now-And-Be-Forced-To-Enlarge-In-The-Next-Year-At-Ridiculous-Prices” business plan.

    • I think you will find that Microsoft will release the 250 GB HDD later down the track. Given that the PS3 is getting a 250 GB HDD model and that anyone can upgrade the existing drive, Microsoft is not going to do anything that will cost them an edge.

    • I think that comes under the “You know what we can do with this extra controller? We should buy ODST!” business plan.

  • All these bundles and upgrades to the console are annoying to some people like myself who have owned an xbox 360 for years – I still had the 20Gb hard drive until about a month ago when I needed to replace my out-of-warranty RROD console, mainly because I couldn’t justify the ~$150 for the bigger HDD (compared to 1Tb external hard drives that sell for roughly the same).

  • As I own a near launch console with a measly 20Gb storage I’ve come to terms with it for now and may upgrade when the Natal bundles hit the shelves sometime late this year.

  • Who is the target audience here? Honestly. Mass Effect 1 was a 360 exclusive for a considerable time; only people WITH a 360 would have played it. When it came out on PC, well, people who buy games for their PC generally prefer their PC to any console.

    So, right off the bat, who wants Mass Effect 2 for the 360 and doesn’t already have a 360? Small demographic.

    Then there’s the people WITHIN that group who also, for some reason, want a second controller (the game is single player) and a single headset. If you have another controller its because you play local multiplayer. Headset is for online multiplayer. And only one headset.

    This is just the most bizarre combination of products to be distributing in one package.

    • The general point of any hard bundle is to convert the ‘maybe’ customers into actual buyers by ‘giving’ them a new release games. EA and Xbox are hoping to move more units of their respective products by offering a value bundle. EA does not presume that people will buy their game with a console (“Oh, for only $500 more you can get a second console with that…”) but Xbox hopes to capitalise on the exclusivity and move more hardware. And for EA to attach one unit with EVERY console sold is a win for them.

  • Anyone buying this bundle is a fool, because I guarantee you would have been better off buying a console before christmas when the deals were much better (for example, I know at JB HiFi they had the Modern Warfare 2 console, as well as Saints Row 2 and I think Assassin’s Creed for $599).

    Console bundles always get so much worse after christmas.

  • I am kind of tempted because I don’t want to throw away my console seeing as 2 days ago it red ringed for the third time. I’m wondering if maybe a different one will work properly this time.

    At the same time I just don’t want to give Microsoft any more of my money for doing this to me after I payed so much.

  • I don’t understand what the big fuss is over a 250GB HDD. I recently sold my PS3 and purchased the Xbox 360 super elite MW2 edition. Hell, I installed all the dvd’s of Star Ocean TLH but other than that I have 200GB remaining. I thought I would use it until I figured out you can’t COPY videos from external devices to the xbox unlike the PS3.

    Sure you can download videos, demos, but 250GB for that? If you could transfer videos then sure but… I just don’t know what all the hype is about.

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