Mass Effect 2's Action Figures Revealed

While the first Mass Effect missed the action figure bus, the sequel is avoiding making the same mistake, with a line of figures due for release later this year.

There will be four in the first series: Shephard, Tali, Thane and Grunt. All four will stand at around 17cm and should be out in late August.

Hopefully they sell and lead to some figures from the first game. The new gang look fun enough, I guess, but Wrex and lady space Nazi Ashley would be funner.

First Look At DC's Mass Effect 2 Action Figures [Gamervision]


    Lifeless and ordinary...don`t waste your money!

    If only Wrex's armour was darker. I would get Shepard though.

      Thats not Wrex, his name is Grunt.

    shepard looks deranged, but seriously who actually buys these?

    This must be EA at work here. I don't think it was Bioware's idea. And to think, I was starting to respect EA and put Activision in their old spot

    I don't understand why anyone would want that Shepard figure. That's not MY Shepard, and it's probably not yours either. It's some generic doppelganger used only for marketing purposes.


    Shepard looks mid-fart.

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