Mass Effect 2's Downloadable Companion Delayed

Aging human mercenary Zaeed, meant to join Commander Shepard's crew in Mass Effect 2 via downloadable content, is having a little trouble making it to the Normandy.

Zaeed shows up as downloadable content in the Mass Effect 2 menu on the Xbox 360, but when you try to download the grizzled warrior, he isn't available. According to a forum post on the BioWare Social Network titled "Zaeed - unavailable for X360 until Wednesday/Thursday." It'll be another day or two before he makes his debut.

"Sorry all, we've had some delays with Zaeed. Your Cerberus account should still be able to access Normandy crash."

And indeed it does. Hopefully he'll make it online soon. In the meantime, haven't you got enough new companions to play with?

Zaeed - unavailable for X360 until Wednesday/Thursday [BioWare Social Network Forums - Thanks Matt! ]


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