Mass Effect 2's Sex Scenes Already Revealed

Looks like someone with an early copy of Mass Effect 2 has skipped straight to the money shots, digging up four steamy-yet-clothed scenes involving male Shepard and three of his office conquests. Note: Spoilers!

The blog Empire State Gamer found these; embedding was (naturally) disabled for these four so I took screengrabs. The one above is probably the best, it's Shep knocking boots with Miranda Lawson in the engine room. She partially strips down to her astro-bra; anything else happens off camera.

The next two, Shepard gets it rough and then tender with Subject Zero. The first sequence is darkly lit renegade sex, and it practically begs for a headboard slamming into a wall. The second is paragon booty, and it's kind of creepy.

Now here's Shepard sharing some feelings and then some cold, clinical Quarian-lust with Tali'Zorah. I wonder what she's got goin' on under that Cobra Commander facemask. Hot or not?

The full videos are available at the link.

Major Sex Scenes Unlocked [Empire State Gamer, thanks SinfulKnight]


    Bioware really Panda'd to the FanBoys with the Tali thing.

    It was kind of creepy how they went on about her on the Bioware forums.

      Wait, what?
      Please, elaborate.
      I always used her because she was such a nice (what I thought to be) fish-human thing engineer.
      I never once thought of bedding her, because that would just be weird. =S

        Hey in the video of the Love Scene - Shepard seemed pretty happy with what he saw :P

        Remember these were humans - its just now they have to wear their enviro suit 24/7 because they have no immune system. (That and apparently they eveolved to grow "chicken legs" and three finger arms.

      Tali and Garrus (for the FemSheps). I am glad that they included these two as LI as it just cements that Bioware listens to it's fans.

      I thought the Tali scene was well done IMO, you don't see her face and yet you still feel a connection to her if you played ME1. If i wasn't so passionate about not cheating on Ash i would defiantly be going after Tali.

    All the problems in ME1 were too much for me. I almost finished it, its sad. But I was sick of enemies being able to just run right up to me and take me out no matter what I did. I hope they fix the second one. I put Tali in my team just for the sex scene then I found out you cant have it with her WAS I MAD OR WHAT lol

    Aww i was hoping for some man on man action.

      ditto. without the elf too. heh

    Awesome, they listened to the fans! I always wanted to get it on with Tali, she was the best of the first bunch!

    Meh, not really looking forward to Tali. Some fans fanatically fantasize about bedding her because she was a "favourite" from the first game.

    I'm sorry? I didn't realise a homesick teenager with some technical aptitude made her a strong character? I'm yet to see much ME2 Tali footage that suggests she's outgrown her role as cameoQuarian001, but if she's a bed option, most likely she's evolved somewhat.

    I'm actually looking forward to Miranda. Partly for the Australian accent, partly because my options in the last one were a imnotxenophobicijustdontlikealiens tomboy and a ionlytalkabouthowwehavesexsoyougethornythinkingaboutit nerd.

    So when Bioware were like "I wonder how many will cheat? ;)", I don't consider it cheating if the "cheated" was dull...and I never found Liara a good voice actor...

    Woah, when did this become about strong characters? Tali was attractive because of her body shape, uniqueness, and her technical aptitude. That's right - some of us like smart women. That itself is a convention breaker. Her voice was good and she had an interesting story, and maybe we're even attracted to naive women. Nothing wrong with that.

    Glad they kept in the love scenes, i actually didn't think they were too bad, and not in a dirty way. The one with the consort was a bit over the top, but I thought the one done with Ashely (or whatever character you picked) was quite well done, and not at all seedy. So long as they keep it tasteful, then i'm happy.

    Don't get the whole Tali thing personally either, kinda creepy

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